Who is Antione Tuckson? Maryland man with fake ID pretended to be a cop for 15 YEARS

Who is Antione Tuckson? Maryland man with fake ID pretended to be a cop for 15 YEARS
In 2018, Tuckson became involved in a robbery and claimed that he was a US Marshal to a victim and responding officers (Proffessor Tuckson/Facebook)

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, MARYLAND: A man was indicted for impersonating a police officer for around 15 years, armed with fake props and a real gun. Federal prosecutors said that Antione Tuckson, 37, who resides in Maryland, even had a trained dog. His impersonation scheme started to unravel after he tried to apprehend two women who disputed their bill at a restaurant in Prince George's County, where he worked security.

The incident took place on March 6 when Tuckson, along with his dog, tried to impersonate a member of the US Marshals service. During a dispute with the two women, Tuckson, armed with a pice vest, Glock handgun, and a taser, called the Prince George's County Police Department. Tuckson, who is a resident of Waldorf, showed his fake badge to responding officers and described the situation. However, officers realized something was wrong when they noticed Tuckson had left his dog at the eatery. This is something that law enforcement canine handlers never do. 


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Federal charging documents revealed that Tuckson tried to have his friend impersonate his supervisor when the officers demanded proof of his credentials, the Daily Mail reported. His friend is named in charging documents as Nijea Rich. As Tuckson was being arrested, Rich arrived in 'police-style clothing' and told cops that the dog was not just a patrol dog but also her emotional support animal. Rich was also armed with a handgun, handcuffs, a radio, and an expandable baton. 

According to documents, Rich asked the arresting officers, "You locked up a US Marshal?" Tuckson and Rich were indicted on May 19 and arrested in Maryland on May 20. The dog was placed in the care of the Prince George's County Animal Services Division. Rich reportedly showed up at the animal services center a day after Tuckson was arrested, claiming that she was a US Marshal, and had the dog released to her. Tuckson's home was raided on May 20, and officials found an AR-style rifle with a scope and a pistol-grip pump-action shotgun. 

Who is Antione Tuckson?

Tuckson was reportedly accused of the same charge in 2006, 2009, and 2018. In 2018, he allegedly became involved in a robbery, identifying himself as a US Marshal to a victim and responding officers. Tuckson was arrested multiple times for accepting stolen property between 2005 and 2009. Back in 2017, he was convicted of carrying a gun without a license. He was subsequently sentenced to 14 months in prison. 

Antione Tuckson, 37, even had a trained dog (Proffessor Tuckson/Facebook)


According to federal charging documents, Tuckson's car was equipped with police-style red and blue flashing lights. He had a fake ID card and other police weaponry. Tuckson had also registered the trademark 'USMS Special Services', an acronym for the United States Marshal Services. 

Besides being charged for impersonating an officer, Tuckson is also accused of being a felon in possession of a firearm as he was in possession of a 9mm caliber semi-automatic pistol at the time of the incident. He may face a maximum of 13 years in prison if convicted on both charges. The woman who impersonated Tuckson's supervisor was named in a US Marshal's press release as Nijea Rich, 40, of Lexington Park, Maryland. She could face a maximum of five years in prison if convicted. In a press release, Chief Deputy US Marshal Mathew Silverman said, "Tuckson and Rich's alleged behavior 'presents a grave risk to the community and undermines all the incredible work done by deputies who have earned the right to wear our badge."



Tuckson's cousin Christopher Brown, 17, was shot dead during a cookout in Washington DC in August 2020. In an interview, Tuckson had told WAMU that he was like a mentor and a father figure to his cousin. 

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