'Hygiene king' Anthony Rizzo gives Orlando Arcia sanitizer, Internet says he solved sports in era of Covid-19

'Hygiene king' Anthony Rizzo gives Orlando Arcia sanitizer, Internet says he solved sports in era of Covid-19
Anthony Rizzo (Getty Images)

The world is still going through one of the worst health crisis. One of the precautions to avoid the spread of coronavirus is personal hygiene, especially sanitizing and washing hands. While the importance and severity of its importance cannot be stressed more, Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo seems to show the way. As reports suggest, after Brewers shortstop Orlando Arcia hit a line-drive single in the third innings on his first trip up to bat against Chicago on Opening Day and reached first base, Rizzo was kind enough to hand his opponent some hand sanitizer. The offer was kindly received, and Rizzo laughed off the interaction. A video clip of the incident was tweeted by the Cubs on their official account with the caption: "A hygiene king".

Twitteratis, as usual, had a field day over the incident. One joked, “That's just good clean baseball.” Another wrote: “Rizzo is a class act, the world needs more people like him.” The humor just kept coming. One wrote, “If you're gonna stand on Anthony Rizzo's first base, you're gonna use hand sanitize.” An user said, “Anthony Rizzo giving Orlando Arcia some hand sanitizer. I love it.” A fan praised Rizzo by saying, “Did we just see Anthony Rizzo give hand sanitizer to a Brewer? Why yes...yes we did! Good pandemic sportsmanship!  Go, Cubs, Go!” Another said, “Anthony Rizzo sharing his hand sanitizer with a base runner in the middle of a game is BIG 2020 energy.” One even stated, “Anthony Rizzo with the hand sanitizer at first base. He is truly too pure for this world.” Others wrote: “Anthony Rizzo giving hand sanitizer to opposing batters when they reach 1st is my new favorite thing” and “Anthony Rizzo handing out hand sanitizer at first base is the comic relief we all needed.” Another said, “2020 is anthony rizzo having hand sanitizer in his pocket to keep his opponents clean and healthy. what a lad.”

As reported by Chicago Tribune earlier this month, Rizzo, a cancer survivor, spoke confidently about his decision to play with the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc worldwide. “As far as my body and the immune system, everything is up to par, if not stronger than when I was 18,” said Rizzo, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2008. Rizzo said his oncologist contacted him soon after the coronavirus shut down spring training March 12, and he stressed that the first baseman be diligent in washing his hands and wearing a face mask. Rizzo said he receives an annual checkup from his oncologist and the Cubs.

A Yahoo Sports report states, in 2012, his first season with the Cubs, he started the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation to help pediatric cancer patients and their families. And during the Covid-19 crisis, the foundation has shifted some of its focus to benefit those helping to battle the pandemic. The report states that the foundation sent out more than just care packages and videos. They have served more than 4,500 meals to health care workers in six different states. Over a thousand boxes of gloves, 55 gallons of hand sanitizer and 24,000 masks have been donated to help the cause.

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