Ant McPartlin finds love again with his personal assistant Anne-Marie Corbett months after split from his wife

Just when we were hoping for an Ant and Lisa reunion, Ant throws in a surprise by seemingly moving on with another love interest. His friends say Anne-Marie has put him back again.

                            Ant McPartlin finds love again with his personal assistant Anne-Marie Corbett months after split from his wife
Anthony McPartlin (Getty Images)

Ant McPartlin has reportedly moved on and has found new love with his personal assistant, Anne-Marie Corbett, as reported by The Sun. It is reported that Ant and Anne got close to each other after the TV presenter's marriage went crumbling down. However, his friends insist that things have been different ever since he and Anne started spending time together. He has reportedly got back his smile which had been missing ever since he was involved in the drinking and driving accident

The two have been a support system for each other and according to the report Anne has been helping Ant following the accident and helping him adjust after his return from rehab. Ant's close friends say that the actor has been on the road to recovery with Anne by his side. Anne was even pictured with Ant in February and April when the actor had been in rehab. “Anne-Marie’s put him back together again. Everyone’s thrilled he’s found someone to love," a source told the tabloid. 

While another added, "He’s had a tough time of it, but Anne-Marie has put a smile back on his face again. She has been his rock." The pair has reportedly been spending a lot of time together. “They have been living in each other’s pockets, day in, day out," the source added. “Knowing someone is there for him has brought him back from the brink — she’s put him back together again." 

While the two have not given a name to their relationship yet, their close friends hope that Ant will move on from his past and look towards a better tomorrow. “It’s very early days, but everyone is hoping he can put the worst year of his life behind him and find happiness again. Both of them deserve it," the source revealed. Anne separated from her husband Scott last October and the pair has two kids together. 

While Ant maybe happy it looks like Lisa is having a hard time wrapping her head around the news. She took to Twitter and posted a tweet with two broken hearts followed by another heart. One of the fans commented, "Grace through emojis. Love will find you again x" To which Lisa humbly replied, "Thank-you for your kind words." Prior to this Lisa had hinted that there might have been cheating involved in Ant and her relationship. 

Posing at a friend's 50th birthday party, Lisa debuted her new look in a black skirt and matching dress. While everyone commented on her looks, Lisa quietly liked a post which suggested guys "don't cheat or lie". The post showed a fan talking about their recent split as it read, "My ex-girlfriend of 6 years has a new boy now. Honestly, it makes me so happy to see her happy again. But part of me is torn apart knowing that it could be me making her happy. Guys don’t ever cheat and lie to your girl. Treat her with respect. It’s what she deserves." Even though Lisa did not comment on the post, she did like it.

Anne was later pictured for the first time after several people accused her fo breaking the 'girl code' by dating Ant. As reported by Daily Mail, Anne was seen wearing jeans and dark sunglasses as she arrived back at her home in New Malden on Sunday. The photo was taken hours after the news broke that Ant and she were getting closer. The pair has not yet commented on their relationship.