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George Floyd protests: Anonymous warns Covid-19 will get worse, internet says 'sounds like a threat'

Anonymous tweeted: 'We apologize to inform you that the pandemic never went away and #COVID19 is apolitical and remains a very public hazard worldwide'

In the wake of George Floyd protests, people came out in huge numbers on streets throughout the United States and raised their voice against systemic racism and police brutality. Anonymous, a hacktivist group, recently emerged on Twitter and made jaw-dropping revelations about top celebrities.

Naomi Campbell —one of the original supermodels of the 1980s — was dragged into the controversy when the hacktivists linked her to Jeffrey Epstein along with Donald Trump and many others. Moreover, it also leaked documents about the shocking deaths of Princess Diana, 'Fast and Furious' actor Paul Walker and Swedish DJ Avicii.

Now, the group has taken to social media to make people aware about the repercussions of the pandemic in a Twitter thread. "A least 6,000 people have died from COVID19 in June in the U.S. as the pandemic continues to rage. We remind everyone to please continue social distancing, mask-wearing, and safe practices. Check up on your elders and self-quarantine. It is only going to get worse from here on," the tweet read and soon had over 6,300 retweets and 35,000 likes.

In another tweet, they wrote: "Almost 7 million cases of #COVID19 have now been reported to WHO, and almost 400,000 deaths. The #COVID19 pandemic is still worsening globally, hitting a record high on Sunday, June 7th. Spikes expected in areas where mass gatherings have taken place." Giving instructions, the group tweeted: "As much as possible, keep at least 1 metre from others, clean your hands, cover your cough, and wear a mask if you attend a protest. We remind all people to stay home if you are sick and contact a health care provider."

Many joked that the hacktivist group is really concerned. One Twitter user said, "Daddy cares," and another wrote, "Someone get this man a beer." Others poked fun at the voice. "LOL I read this in a deep voice," one tweet read and another said, "The distorted deep voice? Dude, same." One said, "This sounds a bit like a threat." Some, however, took it seriously. "Quarantine starts when justice is served," one wrote. Another tweet read, "1. This has been going on for half a month. Most of us know, especially since anon supports BLM. 2. You need to realize that the current and last two generations didn't 'start racism' and baby steps have been being made for a hundred years, it is only starting to take leaps now."

When one Twitter user wrote, "People back to this now? We were just protesting," Anonymous shared it and responded: "We apologize to inform you that the pandemic never went away and that while people protesting is very brave and their cause is noble, #COVID19 is apolitical and remains a very public hazard worldwide." Many were taken aback by that tweet. "My baby daddy," one teased and another said, "I stand with this lad." 

Many teased with the 'daddy' tag. "OK will do daddy," one tweet read and another said, "When he cares abt you." Some urged him to take US President Donald Trump down. "Just take Trump down already. We’re all going crazy," one Twitter user posted and another said, "I knew this would happen with these protests going on but they will not stop until justice is served." One pointed out how racism affects people more than coronavirus: "Ppl scared of a racist world than pandemic. But I thk it’s also important to consider how to protect urself & protesters around u. I’m from HK. My ppl’ve been protesting since last year and the on-going protests do not stop during the pandemic (sic)."