Who is Anna Oliver? Miley Cyrus' pal who allegedly leaked her 'bong video' hits back after being labeled 'snake'

Many might have forgotten the incident, but it seems Miley Cyrus refreshed everyone’s memory once again

                            Who is Anna Oliver? Miley Cyrus' pal who allegedly leaked her 'bong video' hits back after being labeled 'snake'
Miley Cyrus (Getty Images)

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to controversy. In 2010, the clip of an 18-year-old Miley taking a hit from a bong (which she still maintains was salvia, a legal substance) was leaked to TMZ, which had caused a lot of drama and controversy. Almost a decade later, the singer brought the old video on her Instagram.

She posted the video with the caption, “Happy 10 year anniversary to the groundbreaking video of a teenager smoking a bong & saying dumb shit to their friends. (Not sure the director of this fine film should be considered a “friend” but...) Time really flew by. I remember this like it was yesterday..... J/K I don’t remember sh*t cause I was f**ked the hell up.”

The person who was made the villain for the video leak was Cyrus’s friend Anna Oliver, who is allegedly the female voice that can be heard on the video encouraging the singer and saying she was “documenting the s**t out of this right now”, reports PerezHilton.com. Oliver was immediately criticized by Cyrus fans for her alleged betrayal. Many might have forgotten the incident, but it seems Cyrus refreshed everyone’s memory once again.

However, on Instagram, a user took it a step further. A user named ryanwilliams97 commented on a photo of, what appears to be the account of Oliver, even though MEAWW cannot independently verify it. The user asked, “What’s your response to miles [sic] Cyrus calling you a fake friend and a drug pushing snake?? any comment please??” Oliver replied, “Here’s my response: How dare you accuse me of not being a good friend to you. You know this video was never meant to be seen by anyone other than you and I. So much so, that hearing my voice in it makes me want to puke.”

She continued, “I was a NAIVE dumb kid back then, no doubt about it, but I had no malicious intent WHATSOEVER. I was young, far from home, having fun and doing stupid sh*t with my friends. Like pretty much everyone does at that age. If you were doing something dangerous or harmful I would’ve NEVER encouraged it. Ever. I loved and cared about you deeply. You were my very best friend.”

She further said, “You (and your manager, attorney, & family) know damn well I didn’t sell or leak that video to anybody- my camera AND YOUR PHONE were BOTH stolen TOGETHER. You know this, yet have never felt the need to mention it, even when people are threatening my LIFE because they think I’ve betrayed you. I’ve kept my mouth shut all these years, and endured an unbelievable amount of abuse from this. I’m sobbing right now as I write this. I am a good person, and pride myself on being human being and FRIEND. You should be ashamed of yourself using your power to launch this kind of character assassination. Reliving this nightmare is just the cherry on top of a fantastic 2020. Thanks.”

Who is Anna Oliver?

Oliver was also a friend of at that time Disney star and singer Demi Lovato. According to a 2010 Eonline article, Oliver had to go off Twitter and Facebook because of the harassment she had to endure because she was considered the alleged betrayer by fans and others. Cyrus was reportedly “p***ed” at that time. The article states Miley knew exactly who did it," said a Cyrus insider. "She thought [Anna] was her friend." The Eonline report also states that TMZ had reported that Team Cyrus allegedly failed to cover-up the incident when college students tried contacting the singer’s rep to exchange the video. It was leaked. And Cyrus alleged Anna was the one who got it out, while Oliver supposedly told people that it was copied or stolen from her video camera.

These remarks were made by a third person and individual organizations, MEAWW cannot confirm them independently nor does it support these claims. The respective references are linked in the article.

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