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Who is Anna Khait? 'Survivor' star hired as 'honeytrap' by UK spy in alleged plot to expose anti-Trump staff

Anna Khait was allegedly given the task of seducing State Department employees
UPDATED MAY 14, 2021
'Survivor' contestant Anna Khait was allegedly hired to target State Dept officials according to the NYT expose on Project Veritas (CBS)
'Survivor' contestant Anna Khait was allegedly hired to target State Dept officials according to the NYT expose on Project Veritas (CBS)

Donald Trump always made headlines while he was the President of the United States, now when he is out of the White House, but now revelations from his tenure are shocking the people around the country. According to the latest reports, Trump's allies were so intent to root out the 'deep state' working against him that they hired a British spy to recruit women as 'honeytraps', in order to root out the people who would go against Trump.

HR McMaster, former National Security Advisor and a lieutenant general in the Army was reportedly one of their targets. He was often painted as someone who was more loyal to the country than to Trump. Reportedly a beautiful Texas journalist, Tarah Price, was paid $10,000 to try to seduce him to reveal his views about Trump. She was tasked to meet him at an Italian restaurant in Washington DC that he was known to frequent, states a report in the New York Times. While another woman, a Russian-born pro poker player and former contestant on the TV show 'Survivor', Anna Khait, was allegedly given the task of filming undercover and seducing State Department employees on fake dates to try and get them to admit that they disliked Trump and wanted to thwart him.


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Even though news outlets claimed that Khait was a part of the 'honeytrap' scheme. She has denied the allegations slamming the news outlets that have reported it. NYT report stated that for this operation Project Veritas operated out of a home in Washington that was rented for $10,000 per month. Various women lived at this address with exotic code names such as "Brazil" and "Tiger". It is alleged that Khait was one of these women, although it is not clear what code name she may have used.

In her defense, Khait has said, "Investigative journalism requires investigation. I know that’s hard for fake news to comprehend." She called the accusations baseless and said, "As always the NYT is FAKE NEWS. I never investigated the FBI when I worked undercover for Project Veritas. These baseless accusations are LOL  #FakeNews"




Who is Anna Khait?

Born on September 17, 1988, Anna Khait rose to fame in 2016 starring on the 32rd season of 'Survivor: Kaôh Rōng'. The season is also recognized as 'Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty II'. Before joining the cast of CBS's 'Survivor', she first gained fame as a professional poker player. She has completed her graduation with a degree in biology from Hunter College.

Anna Khait (Twitter)

In 2020, she made headlines after being called out by many poker players for her actions on social media, she allegedly insulted the poker community and said she’s done with the game. She tweeted: "I used to have such respect for the poker community until I realized how much of a pathetic group of self-righteous, hypocritical, slanderer lefties they are. So easily triggered and hateful. (And most of them are complete losers). Pathetic. Grateful the Lord took me out! " To which Ben Lamb replied saying, " Doubt the lord would agree with your tweet here. Not very kind. Also he didn’t take you out of poker. Your lifetime earnings of 12k took you out of poker."



Khait proudly proclaims her strong Christian faith, according to her Twitter bio. In 2019, she posted anti-gay rhetoric on Twitter for which she was slammed as well.


The former reality TV contestant has also repeatedly spread Covid-19 misinformation on her Twitter handle. She referred to the Covid-19 pandemic as a “Democratic hoax,” and doesn’t believe that face masks and vaccines prevent the spread of the virus.