Anna Kendrick, owner of 'best' Twitter account, shades Ryan Reynolds after Teen Choice Awards win

The 'Pitch Perfect' star, who was also the recipient of 'Choice Comedy Movie Actress,' told fellow nominee Ryan 'Stay in you lane!'

                            Anna Kendrick, owner of 'best' Twitter account, shades Ryan Reynolds after Teen Choice Awards win
Anna Kendrick (Source:Getty Images)

Anna Kendrick is among the funniest celebrities on social media right now, and it is so heartening to see her work as a 280-character comedian being appreciated by teens. The ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ star was honored at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards for not just for her acting chops but also her comedic prowess.   

The most prestigious Teen Choice Awards were held and broadcast live via Fox on Sunday, August 12, where Anna was honored for being the Choice Comedy Movie Actress. On her way to collect the surfboard for the same, it was also announced that she had won Choice Twit Award. 

The latter is in recognition for Anna’s amazing tweets, and clearly the 33-year-old truly appreciated the gesture. “Did I just hear that I won choice Twitter?,” she asked the audience gathered, adding, the names of other funny celebs who were nominated in the same category. "I have so much fun on Twitter, and I know that Mindy [Kaling] and Kumail [Nanjiani] and [others] were nominated,” she said.  

The nominees also included Chrissy Teigen and Mark Hamill, along with Anna’s nemesis Ryan Reynolds, who she was sure to throw shade at while she had the limelight. “Also, I know that Ryan Reynolds was nominated... So ,in your face Ryan!” she shouted, adding, “Yeah I beat you! Stay in your lane!” 

This is the latest jab in the ongoing and hilarious feud between the two beloved stars. It all started when Anna’s ‘A Simple Favor’ co-star and Ryan’s wife Blake Lively, tweeted an image of the poster for their new film along with the caption, "@annakendrick47 is the hotter, female(r) version of my husband... so, would it reaaaally count as cheating??" 

Anna responded to this with, "So glad we’re finally taking this public. I let Ryan have Deadpool, he can give me this." Although Ryan laid down and accepted the horrific news initially with a meek “I'll miss you both,” he expressed his decision to not give up so easily at the San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year.  

"Anna Kendrick apparently loves your wife and apparently feels like she gave you Deadpool, so she should have your wife,” Kevin Frazier of ET reminded him at the event, to which Ryan responded with, “I know a lot of guys that would be fine with that, but not me. I would like to hang onto her," the actor responded. "Yeah, please, let’s not do that. ... I mean, she’d be well taken care of with Anna, though. I think she’s got the goods, yeah, but no, access denied."