Ann Coulter slams CNN for focusing on killing of Daunte Wright and not Jaslyn Adams: 'Is this a sick joke?'

'CNN sobbing about the 'HEARTBREAKING' death of Duante Wright, who tried to choke a woman to death,' Ann Coulter said

                            Ann Coulter slams CNN for focusing on killing of Daunte Wright and not Jaslyn Adams: 'Is this a sick joke?'
Ann Coulter blasts CNN for covering Daunte Wright's death more than Jaslyn Adams's shooting (Twitter/Getty Images/Facebook)

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter took to Twitter, on Thursday, April 22, to slam CNN for obsessive reporting on the death of Daunte Wright in Minnesota on April 11 and not reporting enough on the shooting last week which killed seven-year-old Jaslyn Adams in Illinois on April 18. 

"IS THIS A SICK JOKE? CNN sobbing about the 'HEARTBREAKING' death of Duante Wright, who tried to choke a woman to death. Last week, a 7-year-old girl was killed sitting in a McDonald's drive-thru line with her father -- and CNN doesn't give a f--k," Coulter wrote in a post. Retired Sheriff of Milwaukee County David A Clarke Jr commented on Coulter's tweet, writing, "Turning these criminal creeps like Duante Wright, George Floyd, Jacob Blake into civil rights icons is the CULTURAL ROT that plagues the black community. Supporting these DREGS is a mental illness."




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Jaslyn Adams and Daunte Wright shootings

After a shooting in a fast-food parking lot in Homan Square on Sunday, Adams was killed and a 29-year-old man, who has been identified as her father, was injured while sitting inside a vehicle. The incident happened at a McDonald's on 3200 West Roosevelt Road at 4:18 pm. Both victims were inside the car when they "heard gunshots and felt pain," according to Chicago police. The girl, who has three siblings, was struck "multiple times" to the body, and the dad was struck to the torso, police said. A video taken by an onlooker shows police pulling the victims out of the car. According to Fox News, as the officers pull the girl from the passenger side, a bystander can be heard shouting: "Oh s---! They killed a baby!" 

A suspect in the fatal shooting Adams was shot multiple times by a Chicago police officer during a confrontation on the Eisenhower Expressway on Thursday afternoon, April 22, officials confirmed. The story of the suspect being shot hardly got any coverage. Although CNN had covered the original incident, it has not covered the latest update yet. 

Daunte Wright (Twitter: @kimvhyatt)

'CNN cares about incite not inform'

Wright, on the other hand, was pulled over for driving on expired tags at the Brooklyn Center. He allegedly resisted arrest and was 'accidentally' shot as he tried to flee the scene to avoid being detained for an outstanding arrest warrant. It's been revealed since his death that the cop had shouted 'Taser!' while allegedly firing their gun — something that's become a matter of outrage in the protests against Wright's death. 

A number of people agreed with Coulter's insinuation that CNN was a hypocrite. "Daunte Wright's death is useful to them, the girl's isn't," one of them said, while another mentioned, "I have to agree with you on this one Ann. Here in Chicago it seems not to fit our agenda. So many young people have died in Chicago; it is frightening." A third noted, "There are some cultural issues that need to be addressed at this point." The next commented, "CNN aka Chicago Not News network." One more added, "Black criminals matter!" Another quipped, "What can be said of an institution that relies on ideologically convenient murders to turn people on each other?" A person reacted with, "CNN cares about ‘incite’ not ‘inform’"








'No one is holding you accountable'

However, not everyone supported Coulter's tweet. "And no one is holding you accountable for having shitty books published," one of them said, while another noted, "It’s because police are SUPPOSED to be held to a higher standard. They always claim to be everywhere’s finest, but they don’t act the part." One more quipped, "You're sounding unhinged. I think a little extra vodka and xanax should do the trick." Another said, "Right wingers feel like it’s their responsibility to tell you how you should feel." A commenter tweeted, "If you cared about any of these victims you'd be talking about gun control, not baiting CNN."






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