'Animaniacs' Reboot: Show's 'absolutely stunning' anime action sequence makes fans go completely wild

A thinly-veiled allegory on bun violence has the Warner siblings achieve their ultimate anime action forms for a sequence the fans are going nuts for

                            'Animaniacs' Reboot: Show's 'absolutely stunning' anime action sequence makes fans go completely wild

The Animaniacs are back, and there's nothing they won't poke fun at in their signature, zany way. They have 22 years of catching up to do, and one of the things that have happened since they've been away is the rise in popularity of anime shows among American viewers. When 'Animaniacs' goes in on a joke, they do the job right, and one episode featured an action anime sequence that the fans are absolutely stunned by.

After an obsession with cute, adorable bunnies — or buns — hits the Warner Bros. studios, it quickly gets out of hand, Yakko (Rob Paulson), Wakko (Jess Harnell) and Dot (Tress Macneill) do their best to pass safe bun control laws to prevent bun violence (and yes, they do in fact lampshade just how much of a thinly-veiled allegory this is). The bun supplier brings out the big buns, however, forcing the Warner Brothers and Sister to bring out their ultimate forms as they go to war — going full anime avatar.

The animation for this sequence was done by Studio Trigger, and the fans loved every second of it. "Warner Bros. did an awesome job getting Studio Trigger to animate this scene. Anytime they get involved you have to praise their work," writes a fan, on Twitter. "This is better than any other American show has put out in years. If only every studio could put forth this kind of effort," writes another. "Man, most anime parodies in western cartoons don’t hit right AT ALL for me but this is absolutely stunning!" writes one viewer. One fan appreciates just how much work went into this gag, writing, "The anime segment of the new Animaniacs did not have to be animated that beautifully, but The Warner siblings did that for us."





Another fan appreciates the satire this segment brings, writing, "I was just shook to the core knowing Animaniacs was rebooted; I wasn't ready for it to have this much sauce on deck." Almost every joke appears to have landed well in this series reboot, but the anime sequence is definitely drawing in quite a lot of appreciation.


All episodes of 'Animaniacs' Season 1 are now available to stream on Hulu.

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