'Animaniacs': Reboot goes high on nostalgia, Internet says show is 'the thing that we all need right now'

Fans are loving how good the reboot is, as well as feeling nostalgia from over 22 years ago when the show was still running

                            'Animaniacs': Reboot goes high on nostalgia, Internet says show is 'the thing that we all need right now'

Diving right into the prevalence of rebooted TV shows, Hulu has brought 'Animaniacs' back with all-new episodes, introducing the Warner siblings Yakko (Rob Paulson), Wakko (Jess Harnell) and Dot (Tress Macneille) to 22 years worth of worldwide changes for them to make fun of. As far as the fans are concerned, the 'Animaniacs' hasn't missed a tick, and the new season is hitting all of them right in nostalgia while being brilliant satire in its own right.

Some fans feel that, despite how terrible 2020 has been, it's gotten at least something right if it can produce a show like this. "Dear 2020, I just watched the opening bit of the new #Animaniacs. I’ll admit it, you were right... this is the thing that we all need right now. I can see you are putting in some effort and I appreciate it," writes a fan, though not all is forgiven, as they add, "Let me repeat, we are still broken up. Stop sending me mixtapes..." Another fan writes, "Who gave #Animaniacs the right to be the best reboot in years? I f*****g love this. Thank you @hulu."



There are many who grew up on 'Animaniacs', and seeing the show brought back in all its glory has hit them right in the feels. "I just finished the first episode... OMG I am OBSESSED 22 yrs ago im not gonna lie I cried a little tears of joy," writes one fan. "I was obsessed with #Animaniacs when I was a kid. I'm pretty stoked they're back. I still have my cassette of the popular songs, and can sing them to this day," writes another. "Just watched the new Animaniacs ep1 and I don't think I could've asked for a greater reboot. It's like I went back in time to 1998," writes a third, telling people to "GO WATCH IT."




The meta-humor that the show is rife with is another thing that the fans deeply appreciated, especially as the Warner siblings launch into a song and dance number about just how shamelessly they're selling out on nostalgia to bring the reboot back. "The new 'Animaniacs' have my approval for being the first to blatantly explain what’s been going on with television and creativity in recent years. Leave it to this trio to continue their tradition of silly songs that have quality relevance," writes a fan. "I can already hear all the racist, neck-bearded f*******s writing out their video 'essays' about how the left ruined the Animaniacs reboot and I’m ecstatic!" jokes this viewer.



All in all, it looks like the 'Animaniacs' reboot is exactly what everyone was hoping it would be. Relevant humor, and nostalgia done right.

All episodes of 'Animaniacs' Season 1 are now available to stream on Netflix.

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