New photo of Angus and Stevie Young furthers AC/DC lineup speculation

The recent speculation that AC/DC might be reverting to their classic lineup just gained more traction thanks to yet another photo of the band resurfacing.

                            New photo of Angus and Stevie Young furthers AC/DC lineup speculation

On Wednesday, a photo of classic AC/DC members Brian Johnson and Phill Rudd surfaced, with the two rockers standing outside the door of AC/DC’s studio in Vancouver, Canada. The photo promptly raised speculations about AC/DC possibly reuniting with its classic lineup for a new album or some related venture. As we noted, curiously missing from the buzz around the photo was the last standing original member of AC/DC - lead guitarist Angus Young.

Now, as Consequence of Sound points out, a new photo has emerged of Angus Young and his nephew, rhythm guitarist Stevie Young (who replaced Angus’ late brother Malcolm Young), taking a smoke break outside that very same studio. The picture was taken by a local Vancouver resident and provided to the website Ear of Newt.

The new photo has added weight to speculations that the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famers could very well be reuniting their long-standing lineup. AC/DC's lineup has taken a series of hits in the recent past. Malcolm Young left the band in 2014 due to health reasons, later revealed to be a battle with dementia. He was replaced by Stevie Young and ultimately passed away last year at the age of 64. Meanwhile, despite playing on AC/DC’s last album — 2014’s 'Rock or Bust' — longtime drummer Phil Rudd became embroiled in serious legal issues in New Zealand, and never toured with the band in support of the album. He was replaced by Chris Slade, who had a previous stint with the band. Then came more bad news for AC/DC fans - vocalist Brian Johnson left the bend due to permanent hearing loss and was famously replaced by Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose on tour. 

But judging solely from the recent photos (seen via the tweets below), AC/DC's  current lineup seems to be Brian Johnson (vocals), Angus Young (lead guitar), Stevie Young (rhythm guitar), and Phil Rudd (drums). The question of who’s playing bass remains, as longtime member Cliff Williams retired from the group following the end of their 'Rock or Bust Tour' in September 2016.