Angry mum pulls her kids out of school after they were kept in isolation for having "extreme" haircut

Angry mum pulls her kids out of school after they were kept in isolation for having "extreme" haircut
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Two brothers were separated from their classmates, taken away and kept in isolation after the school authorities objected to their "extreme" haircuts citing that they were not in accordance with the policies. Angered by the repeated decision of sending her kids into isolation, their mother has now pulled them out of the institution. On Tuesday morning, 11-year-old TJ Wilson and his older brother, 13-year-old Leroy Wilson were separated from their classmates at Kingswood Academy. The school, located in Hull, informed the mother, Terri Lea Wilson, that her sons needed to have their hair restyled. However, Wilson maintains that if she forced them to get the haircut, she would be violating their human rights.

The following day, the boys were sent back to school by their mother with no changes to their hair and so the school put the duo back in isolation.

Immediately after, the 30-year-old mother pulled her children out of the school.

In a conversation with Daily Mail, Terri said: "It’s a normal hairstyle for boys but the school said they need to get their hair cut if they want to come back to school or else they will stay in consequences."


She added: "It's just wrong. The boys are not happy and have said they won't get it cut. I can't force them to, especially Leroy - he is 13-year-old.

"I can't say to them to just go and get it cut because it's against their human rights and a lot of parents are kicking off.

"Until they get it cut they are not allowed to go back. I work full-time, I've got a day job as a care worker and a night job as a cleaner so I can't really do anything with them.

"It's disgusting. It's a hairstyle and it's nothing big or major. I wouldn't like anyone telling you have got to get your haircut. Why should I? They have no right to do that.

"It's a great school, they've got great policies and they are strict with the kids but this is just a bit over the top.'

According to the mother, her children should not be asked to modify their hairstyle again as it is a basic human right.

While TJ's hair is short on the sides with a shaven parting line in it, Leroy's hair is brushed to the side with a quiff.


Terri further said, "My husband went to the headteacher and asked, 'How can I drag a 13-year-old and an 11-year-old when they are going to fight with me and refuse? I'm going to get locked up, I just can't'.

"It's ridiculous and cruel."

TJ, the younger brother, said: "We should be able to have our own haircuts."

A spokesman for Kingswood Academy school said: "We at the academy have the highest of expectations regarding uniform - including hairstyles - which have been in place for the last three years.

"These expectations are made very clear in the uniform policy which is shared with parents and students annually, and is also displayed on the website.

"Any student who fails to meet the standard is allowed to go home to rectify the issue, if not they are placed in isolation.

"Out of the 804 students on roll, 801 students regularly meet the expectations consistently, lesson in, lesson out.

"In February 2018, Kingswood Academy was judged to be Good in all categories and Ofsted commented specifically on how proud students were of their school and their uniform, which they wear with pride."


In Britain, schools have very strict rules about the hairstyle of their students. 

Another school reportedly banned a trending haircut known as 'Meet me at McDonald's' as part of a list of six 'extreme' styles to avoid.

A letter was sent to parents of children studying in Great Yarmouth Charter Academy in Norfolk regarding the school's uniform and appearance, which dictated that there were six types of haircuts that were "unacceptable" for boys at their school.

Namely, the following hairdos are banned, according to Mirror.

In the said letter, boys and their parents were warned that if their students' hairdos were not restyled by the end of the month to an appropriate cut, they would either be placed in isolation or sent home.

Barry Smith, the principal of the institution in Norfolk, said that if the children's hairdo was found to be unsuitable for school, their families would be notified directly, and until they restyled their look, they would "either be sent home to have their hair restyled or placed in isolation".


Smith further wrote: "Most pupils dress appropriately and most have hairstyles that are not extreme. We expect all pupils to meet this standard.

"Very few pupils will be affected by this application of existing rules which do not allow extreme styles."

He added that the school would "happily provide families with a PowerPoint of unacceptable styles to avoid".

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