The Envy of Angelina Jolie: Star is 'insanely jealous' of Amal Clooney and 'hates all the attention she gets'

Angelina Jolie is reportedly very jealous of Amal Clooney though her bitterness is clearly one-sided and not reciprocated

                            The Envy of Angelina Jolie: Star is 'insanely jealous' of Amal Clooney and 'hates all the attention she gets'
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Angelina Jolie is reported to be "insanely jealous" of  George Clooney's gorgeous wife Amal Clooney because she allegedly believes that Amal has stolen her identity as the world's most prominent humanitarian, friends of both women reveal. 

According to Page Six, a source said, "Angelina hates all the attention that Amal is getting — she’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s stylish, she has a beautiful family and she’s doing important human rights work". It is believed that Jolie is extremely upset about the fact that close friends George and Amal Clooney have publicly taken ex-husband Brad Pitt's side in their messy split. 


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The fallout from their divorce is reportedly making Angelina seem "crazy and manipulative". "Angelina lives in such a bubble, she believes that Amal is doing a ‘single white female’ on her, and Angie can’t understand why she herself has become so unpopular in Hollywood". 

Unlike Angelina's obvious feud with Jennifer Anniston, Jolie's bitterness is very one-sided. But the truth is, Amal isn’t concerned at all about Angelina — she is fully focused on her family and her work," the source continued. 

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Jolie has six children and also runs two charitable foundations known as the Jolie-Pitt Foundation and the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation. She also holds a role as a UN special envoy while Amal has twins and is also a popular and well renowned international human rights lawyer.

Amal has made it her personal mission to try and help refugees all over the globe. In 2016, she and George started the Clooney Foundation for Justice as a means to fight "for the rights of individuals unfairly targeted by oppressive governments through the courts". 

Just like Angelina, Amal has spoken at the UN and gave a memorable and inspirational speech in March about the exploits of the terrorist group ISIS. 

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