Man allegedly leaves yoga ball filled with carbon monoxide in wife's car killing her and daughter

Prosecutors described the murders as 'deliberate and calculated' and 53-year-old Khaw Kim-sun, a former associate professor at Chinese University, was named the main suspect

                            Man allegedly leaves yoga ball filled with carbon monoxide in wife's car killing her and daughter

A former anesthesiologist from Hong Kong has been accused of poisoning his wife and 16-year-old daughter to death in 2015, according to numerous news agencies. The prosecutors in the case have described the murders as "deliberate and calculated" and being the work of 53-year-old Khaw Kim-sun, who was the former associate professor at Chinese University. He was also a senior medical officer at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong.

The authorities have said that the man, using the excuse of a scientific experiment, had ordered carbon monoxide and then filled the gas into two yoga balls. He left one of the balls unplugged inside his wife Wong Siew-fing's yellow Mini Cooper.

47-year-old Wong and the couples' 16-year-old daughter Lily Khaw Li-ling were reportedly found unconscious in the front seats of the car on May 22, 2015 by a female jogger who had been passing by and was quite disturbed by what she discovered, reported the South China Morning Post. The woman later described that the mother and daughter looked like they were sleeping and that the windshield wipers were on but there was no rain that day.


The two of them died a few hours later after they were taken to the same hospital where Khaw worked. According to the New York Times, the mother and daughter have 50 times the usual level of carbon monoxide in their bloodstream. Khaw had been arrested in September that year and was charged with two counts of murder. It has been reported that he pleaded not guilty to both charges ever since.

Initially, the case had brought more questions than answers for the investigators but then they had a breakthrough when they found the yoga ball in the trunk of the car. They had ruled out a possible mechanical issue for the incident but, after finding the yoga ball, they zeroed in on Khaw as a suspect.

The prosecutors argued at the trial that Khaw had been having an affair with a student and that Wong had found out about it. According to the court testimony, even though the couple was estranged, Wong had come to terms with the mistress and she had made it clear that she did not want to get a divorce.

The Times also reported that the couple's 22-year-old daughter, Khaw May-ling, had spoken of her father endearingly in court and had asked the judge if she could stay back after she testified to "support her father."

She also said that Khaw held both his daughters to high standards. She said: “My father discouraged me from taking anti-depressants because he didn’t believe that I was depressed."

Khaw has been described as having many emotions during the trial with him smiling when his daughter recalled a family joke and crying when his daughter's post-mortem results were read out in the court.

According to the Morning Post, prosecutor Andrew Bruce said on August 22: "The last thing the accused wanted was for his 16-year-old to die."

He then told the jury: "If that person knew what was in the car was carbon monoxide and knew it was a dangerous gas likely to kill you, you can confirm this person had homicide on his mind." Khaw had said that his daughter Lily may have put the yoga ball in the car to aid her own suicide plan and the Times reported that Bruce dismissed this in the court.

Khaw had also said that the carbon monoxide was supposed to be used as a pest control method for the rats in the family home but this had also been questioned by the authorities.