"You have to look up to the heaven and say thank you": Andy Garcia gushes about Mamma Mia sequel co-star Cher

The Godfather actor has crossed one wish off his bucket list and that is singing and acting with Cher. We can't blame him for being so awestruck, we would be too.

                            "You have to look up to the heaven and say thank you": Andy Garcia gushes about Mamma Mia sequel co-star Cher
Andy Garcia (Source:Getty Images)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that we all share an unbridled love for Cher and Andy Garcia is no different. The actor who will be seen in the much-awaited sequel of Mamma Mia!, couldn’t stop gushing about his co-star and seemed to have crossed one of his wishes from his bucket list. 

At the premiere of “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” Garcia told Variety that he was thrilled at the opportunity to act beside Cher in the new movie. Garcia who was walking the blue carpet along with his co-stars at London’s Hammersmith Apollo theater said, “Acting with her was on my bucket list. The acting is one thing but the singing and all that… you have to look up to the heaven and say thank you.”

The Godfather actor wasn’t the only one in raptures at the prospect of starring alongside a legend like Cher, her co-stars couldn't stop singing praises about her either.

Meryl Streep, who will be reprising her role as Donna Sheridan, couldn't contain her excitement as she ran into Cher at the premiere and declared: “That’s my mommy! She’s got taller.” The pair who are working together for the second time shared their mutual admiration at the premiere. The duo who have just three years between them also locked lips at a certain point. That’s certainly something we don't see every day. Cher who will be playing Meryl Streep’s mother in the upcoming movie was quite amused by their respective roles.

Actress Christine Baranski who will be reprising her role as one of the dynamos Tanya, was in a similar state of euphoric excitement at the shot of working beside Cher. “I loved her when I was a teenager and I thought, ‘Now I’m making a movie with her.’ We got to hang out and talk about the early days of Sonny and Cher,” she told Variety.

The whole cast was a tad bit star struck to be cast beside Cher and the writer-director Ol-Parker was also beside himself at directing the legend. He had several anecdotes that revolved around people’s sheer adulation when surrounded by the talented actress. He recalled a time when the whole set gathered around Cher as she started singing Fernando.

“It was ridiculous,” he told Variety. “People brought their husbands, wives, children and dogs to watch… and there was a storm of applause.” “Cher is a remarkably lovely person,” he continued. “She didn’t have to be. She is one of those people who is so next level. If Cher was to be a diva, she could be, but actually, she’s warm, lovely and friendly.”

Since we can't be surrounded by the warm light that is Cher, we have to make do with watching the movie that will be out in the theaters this week.