Dick move Andy: Newly resurfaced video shows comedian groping Pamela Anderson's breasts at her 2005 Comedy Central Roast

Andy had earlier groped Anderson's breasts on a show and attempted to do the same to Courtney Love as well, who then slapped him across the face.

                            Dick move Andy: Newly resurfaced video shows comedian groping Pamela Anderson's breasts at her 2005 Comedy Central Roast
Andy Dick (Source:Getty Images)

A couple of years before Andy Dick groped Ivanka Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live! which resulted in him being dragged off the stage by his feet, the comedian had publically groped Pamela Anderson's breasts in the middle of her Comedy Central Roast. The footage from 2005 has resurfaced following him being charged with sexually assaulting two young women and one man aside from Ivanka Trump. The now 52-year-old pretended to be the model's cosmetic surgeon and proceeded to grope her breasts during the show while telling the audience how "well-engineered" her breasts were. He said: “This is all standard procedure," before he grabbed the breasts and continued to touch, squeeze and probe for a full minute. Anderson looked clearly shocked by the comedian's behavior but then looked like she tried to laugh off the incident.

Courtney Love, a fellow roast member, said: "Oh baby, I'm so sorry" and could be seen reaching out to hold Anderson's hand. Andy had the audacity to tell the audience later: “Don’t worry, she can’t feel any of this.” Anderson replies: "I can so." Andy even attempted to grope the now 53-year-old Love's breasts and she reacted by slapping him across the face. He also mimed giving Tommy Lee, Anderson's husband at that time, oral sex. Now 50-year-old Jimmy Kimmel was also at the 2005 roast, PEOPLE reported.

It was announced on July 2 that comedian Andy was going to be charged with two counts of battery for groping a young woman at an event in 2003, groping the breasts of a 17-year-old girl in 2008 and then a man in March 2018. In all three of these cases, Andy was captured on camera with his hand under the person's clothing. In 2007, however, he made a move on one of the most famous women in the world at the moment, Ivanka Trump, and it was on national television.

Both Ivanka and Andy were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live when the incident occurred. The First Daughter was the second guest on the show that evening. Kimmel also revealed that when Ivanka entered the stage area, Andy asked her for a "big, wet kiss" the moment he saw her.

Things only got more awkward as Andy persisted and started rubbing his hand up and down Ivanka's leg while she tried to stop the unwarranted physical contact as politely as she could while on air. Kimmel, however, took matters into his own hands after the first warning to stop did not work on the comedian. Only a minute after the host told Andy to stop touching Ivanka, he touched her ponytail and then started touching her arm after that. It was at this point that Kimmel felt he had enough and called security to help him escort Andy off the stage.

The host and a security guard physically lifted Andy off the couch when he didn't budge and Kimmel was seen dragging him off the stage by his feet. He told Extra: "It was time for Andy to go, so I escorted him out by his feet." Kimmel also said that the comedian was not fazed by the entire situation. He said: "He’s Andy. He’s not upset. He’s not apologetic. He’s just nutty. He always makes me a little uncomfortable. You have no idea what he’s going to do next."

Back in December, the comedian made light of the whole incident with the First Daughter and wrote: 

As Meaww has reported previously, Andy has found himself on the wrong side of the law on numerous occasions. He will be arraigned on two counts of battery — sexual and simple. With the counts of battery and misdemeanors increasing, it could see Andy face prison time, with each account carrying a potential six-month sentence and a $2,000 fine, if the comedian is found guilty. His legal team is yet to respond to the complaints but will reportedly make their first appearance at the Van Nuys Courthouse on July 17.

The comedian's wife is also troubled by his antics and in February this year, TMZ reports how she had requested for a restraining order against him. Wife Lina Sved said he had been drinking heavily and she had found him home screaming and breaking the dishes and glass. In March the temporary restraining order was made permanent. The passed order read that Andy must stay away from the couple’s home, as well as any places of employment or school. The permanent order will remain in place for five years, expiring March 13, 2023.

In April 2018, he was charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a 52-year-old woman. According to the complaint filed by Deputy City Attorney Nicholas Lauber, on behalf of one Christine S, Andy unlawfully touched an intimate part of the victim 'for the specific purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, and sexual abuse,' and 'using force and violence upon the person of Christine S.' Along with victim's complaint Lauber also presented written statements and other evidence as proof to support these allegations. 

In 2008, Andy was arrested in California on charges of sexual battery; he had allegedly exposed a 17-year-old girl's breasts after grabbing and pulling down the victim's tank top. Following his arrest, he was found to be complicit in drug possession as well. A small quantity of cannabis and one Xanax tablet was found in his front pocket, and he did not have a prescription for both. After posting  $5,000 bail and pleading guilty to misdemeanor battery and marijuana possession, he was released from jail. He was subsequently sentenced to three years probation, ordered to pay $700 in fines, and also made to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet for one year.

Then in 2010, he was arrested at a bar in West Virginia on charges of sexual abuse after reportedly groping a bartender and a patron. He was formally indicted on the charges by a Cabell County Grand Jury for two counts of first-degree sexual abuse for the same. His most recent account of inappropriate behavior in October 2017 saw him fired from a role in independent film 'Raising Buchanan' due to allegations which included 'groping people's genitals, unwanted kissing/licking and sexual propositions of at least four members of the production.'

The comedian has admitted to making advances and licking people but denied any groping and brushes off his antics as 'funny'.