Does Andy Cohen hate Nene Leakes? Social media users shocked to see host making jokes about 'RHOA' star's dress

Does Andy Cohen hate Nene Leakes? Social media users shocked to see host making jokes about 'RHOA' star's dress

It's always busy in the Real Housewives' world and keeping it that way are the castmates and Bravo TV's favorite host Andy Cohen, who is a potent pot-stirrer. 

Nene Leakes has always been very vocal about her likes and dislikes, and what went down in one of the recently-aired episodes of 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,' it was only fair for her to react in the way she did.

Andy triggered a good laugh from his audience when he spoke of how Nene had been repeating her outfits. The 'RHOA' star wore the same dress for her confessional and a Los Angeles event. 

''By the way, one of Nene’s confessional looks this year is the same dress she wore to our big doorbell show in L.A. where the strap broke, so I guess she fixed her strap, which we love. Was that shady? I didn’t mean for that to be shady," he said. But Nene got a little difficult about it and slammed the host on social media.

She openly questioned Andy, asking what was the point of it all. ''Like i don’t get it. That was 2 years ago i wore this dress ONCE, so i can’t sit in a confessional with it,'' Nene wrote on Instagram and she has a point.  The 'RHOA' star then went on to point that even Andy has repeated his suits and ties, adding that he didn't have to bring up such a silly topic, make a joke about it, considering how the housewives are already stressed about their personal equations on the show.  However, the topic didn't end there. Nene took it further by sharing a string of photos of celebrities who repeated their outfits. 

The cold war spiraled out of control when Andy replied to a user with GIF that read 'I said what I said', forcing Nene to admit that she's never been Andy's favorite. 

Meanwhile, social media users have been not particularly impressed with the way Andy handled the situation. Here's what some of them had to say:

''@Andy please tell me why you are turning on housewives like nene, when they have been an integral part of your success. You seem to have picked one person from each real housewife series to be nasty to. This is not a good look.''

''Nene should leave RHOA after the stunt Andy pulled. He really don’t like our girls frfr but they pull in the most ratings so he tolerate them.''

''@NeNeLeakes And what is wrong with wearing a dress again, Andy? As if he never double dipped in his closet. Nene is rocking the red dress. So what is the shade for, Andy???''


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 Andy Cohen hates Nene Leakes? Fans shocked to see host making jokes about 'RHOA' star's dress