Who is Andrew Kenton? '90 Day Fiance' star embroiled in shocking drug abuse allegations by ex-girlfriend

Andrew Kenton wasn't winning any brownie points with his fans and now, his ex sheds some light on what went wrong their relationship

                            Who is Andrew Kenton? '90 Day Fiance' star embroiled in shocking drug abuse allegations by ex-girlfriend
Lollysa Amira and Andrew Kenton on '90 Days Fiance' (TLC)

If you've been keeping up with season 8 of '90 Day Fiancé', you know that it's been hard to get a read on Andrew Kenton — at least up until the last episode. Kenton and his fiancée Amira Lollysa seemed cute enough, although it was confusing as to why the French Amira feel for American Andrew. But love works in mysterious ways and if the show has taught us anything, it's best we don't question it.

However, the couple seems to have hit their fair share of rough patches, and while for most couples on '90 Days', the issues usual stem from age differences, money, and culture shocks, for Kenton and Lollysa, it looks like it's going to be a lot of mental and emotional drama. So far, Kenton is not a fan favorite at all and his situation looks like it's just getting worse.

Curious to know more? Keep reading to find out what's the deal with Andrew Kenton.

Kenton runs a daycare

Kenton dabbles in multiple things when it comes to his career. He currently runs a daycare home known as 'Kenton, Lori & Andrew', along with his mother. The daycare takes in 14 kids and Kenton's original introduction on '90 Day Fiancé' season 8 featured him as a pretty hands-on caretaker, seeing that he donned a costume and everything for storytime. Apart from this, he is also a Twitch streamer — he goes by the name of KindDragonDrew.

He has written a children's book

Kenton is one of the few '90 Day' stars that seem clearly prepared for stardom of sorts, seeing that he's barely one season in and already has a functional website to his name, selling merchandise, cameos and a book that he's written. The book, 'I Still Love You', written by Kenton is available in paperback and ebook format.

As per his website, the book is about a teacher who helps kids cope with the pandemic. The summary reads: "Written during the Covid-19 Pandemic, ‘I Still Love You’ tells the story of a preschool adapting to a new world. A compassionate teacher explains new concepts like social distancing, mask-wearing, and essential workers ultimately leading his students to a sense of safety and security."

Kenton meet his now fiancée Amira Lollysa online

Like most people on the show, Kenton signed up to an online dating website, where he met Lollysa, who is from France. The two began to talk and planned a trip to Las Vegas. Kenton was convinced that she was the woman for him and ended up proposing to her.

Fans are not a fan of Kenton

Initially, fans didn't have any particular feelings towards Kenton, but as the season progressed, that changed quickly. Viewers were mortified  to see Kenton do the least when Lollysa was detained at the Mexico airport. When she was released, she went on to talk about her traumatic time there and how the whole plane was to travel during a pandemic — an idea suggested by  Kenton. Later on, Kenton's ex took to Reddit to talk about her experiences with him, back when they were younger. The user mentioned that she was in high school when they dated, while Kenton was older than her at the time.

When another user mentioned that Kenton was 'a perv who dated a teenager', his ex replied by saying she would be horrified if her daughter did the things she did.

She further shed light on their relationship with the following comment: "Looking back it was so wrong. I had no idea the levels of unhealthy that were happening until I had a mental breakdown. I like detached from a lot of my younger years that’s why it felt so validating to see this come up in my Reddit feed. He gave another girl some pills and alcohol and told everyone he saved her life after she overdosed. I told him it wasn’t the same thing because he gave it to her in the first place. He never accepted that part. I believe that also happened at his moms house."

The thread really deep dives into what Kenton was like when they were dating. While there is definitely a chance that he's learned and grown from the past, the previous episode with Lollysa's ordeal was definitely concerning.

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