Andressa Souza: Mom, 20, dies after $10 lip piercing gets infected leaving her in coma

Andressa Souza: Mom, 20, dies after $10 lip piercing gets infected leaving her in coma
The 20-year-old mother died of sepsis after the lip piercing got infected (Photo by Photodisc/GettyImages)

A 20-year-old mother, hailing from Dourados, Brazil, died after a $10 lip piercing got infected, caused sepsis, and eventually damaged her brain. Andressa Souza, a mother of a three-year-old child, spent 24 days in the intensive care unit of a hospital, following the piercing she got two months ago. Her mother, 47-year-old Maria Aparecida da Silva Oliveira, informed local media that the illness had reached her brain after entering her blood.

Maria told the media, "We saw that her mouth was very swollen, there was no way to move it. It was so swollen that there was no way to take it out [the piercing]. The infection went into the bloodstream and, from there, lodged in the brain." Maria stated that her daughter paid $10 for the piercing, but she is unsure whether the location had the necessary licenses to perform the process.


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"Around June 13, she began to feel unwell, with severe headaches and fever. We thought it was dengue because there was an outbreak here in Itaporã. We took her to the doctor and, until then, we thought that was it because I had my other son too. She underwent surgery and was intubated. She stayed from June 15th to July 9th,” she added, The Sun reported. Maria went on to say, "She did not mention anything to me about whether the person was a professional." On July 9, Andressa passed away in the Hospital da Vida's intensive care unit in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The mother was informed by medical personnel that an illness had taken over 37% of her daughter's brain. They asserted that even if she had lived, she would probably have remained in a mental condition.

According to Medical News Today, if a new piercing is infected, it is best not to remove the earring. Removing the piercing can allow the wound to close, trapping the infection within the skin. An infected ear piercing may be red, swollen, sore, warm, itchy, or tender. Sometimes the piercing oozes blood or white, yellow or greenish pus. A new piercing is an open wound that can take several weeks to fully heal. During that time, any bacteria (germs) that enter the wound can lead to infection.


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Andressa is survived by her husband and son, who is three years old. "He is also inconsolable because, as little as he is, he saw his mother in that situation. It is very difficult for him,” Maria remarked. On Sunday, Andressa was laid to rest in the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) Cemetery.

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