Who is Andre Drummond's baby mama? NBA star heroically saves son from drowning in pool

There was quite the scandal at the time of his son Deon's birth as Andre Drummond reportedly impregnated two women around the same time

                            Who is Andre Drummond's baby mama? NBA star heroically saves son from drowning in pool
Andre Drummond saved his son Deon from drowning (Twitter, Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

NBA icon Andre Drummond proved that he is a hero outside court as well when the Philadelphia 76ers center heroically saved his son from drowning. The 28-year-old champion shared a surveillance video of the incident on Twitter, which shows him springing into action and saving his son's life after the 2-year-old child accidentally fell into a pool. "NOT ALL HEROS WEAR CAPES 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️A parents worst nightmare….. Feat my son & I," Drummond wrote on Twitter. 

The video appears to be from Drummond's home and shows his young son Deon and other family members relaxing around a pool. His son suddenly fell into the water and was visibly drowning, when the other people raised an alarm. Within a split second, Drummond turned around and plunged into the pool, before scooping Deon out of the water. In his Twitter post, he added a footnote clarifying that no one was injured in the accident. His act was lauded by hundreds of fans who hailed him as a great parent. 


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Who is Andre Drummond's baby mama?

Andre Drummond's son Deon King Drummond was born on February 21, 2019, to the NBA star and Instagram model Abigail Russo. There happened to be quite the scandal around the time of Deon's birth, as Drummond reportedly impregnated two women around the same time. Deon's mother Abigail announced her pregnancy shortly after his former girlfriend Elizabeth Costadoni announced hers. While Abigail gave birth to Deon in February 2019, Elizabeth's daughter Aubrey EllaRose Drummond was born in March that year. 


Abigail Russo, who has 2,716 followers on her Instagram, happens to be a wellness and beauty enthusiast. Her Instagram username also mentions "Fit Mom" aside from "Deon's mama" in bio. Besides posting reels of workout tutorials, Russo also shares gorgeous photos of herself quite often. 

It is not exactly known how Russo met Drummond, but she started attending his games and posting updates about her new love interest on social media around 2019. However, according to a shocking claim reported in Total Pro Sports, an anonymous person has hinted that Russo had a pimp. “I used to dance with Abigail Russo in Miami, she has a pimp. That’s not his girlfriend lol she wants clout that’s why she posted him. when she met Andre she deleted her Instagram and made a new one to make herself look like wife material. she is desperate to be wifed by an athlete. When the news released about Elizabeth being pregnant she pretended she was pregnant too lol. She is a stripper that sells her body. I believe Elizabeth’s baby is his, her highlight says bebe drumm. Elizabeth deleted all her pics of them on insta a couple months ago and Abigail seems like just a recent fling, I never see her around him besides that night," the claim stated. Russo had also been linked to another NBA player Ja Morant.


Abigail Russo has retained the custody of her son and regularly shares adorable pictures of him on Instagram. She appears to be an ideal mom who spends a lot of quality time with her adorable son. Meanwhile, Andre Drummond has proved to be a doting father and spends a lot of time bonding with the child. And now, he has emerged as a superhero and savior as well. 

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