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'Andor' Episode 7 fan review: Plaudits continue pour in for Diego Luna's spy thriller, 'the bar is now so high'

Titled 'Announcement', Episode 7 sees Diego Luna's Cassian return to Ferrix after his successful mission with the Rebels
Diego Luna as Cassian in 'Star Wars: Andor' (IMDb)
Diego Luna as Cassian in 'Star Wars: Andor' (IMDb)

It may have been a standalone chapter, but 'Andor'Episode 7 had all the elements that make it a must-watch show from the decorated franchise. Little did anyone expect a spin-off that focuses on a rebel officer and the birth of the Rebellion to tie so many events together, but it does so and succeeds at that.

Titled 'Announcement', Episode 7 sees Diego Luna's Cassian return to Ferrix, but is quickly thrust into the scene where he faces the aftermath of his actions in Aldhani. While he hopes for a better future for Maarva (Fiona Shaw), the movie sees the decisive woman stay back and take on the Empire. Bix Caleen (Adria Arjona) returns to the series after missing out in the last three episodes.


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"#Andor has gotten so good I now stay up on a school night to see it the moment it drops. Episode 7 is the best so far; the bar is now so high," one of the tweets read. This was seconded by another who wrote, "#Andor episode 7 was awesome! there’s a great story coming together here, i already can’t wait for next week." Another wrote: "Stayed up late to watch Andor and Episode 7 has done more to expand the visual and musical language of the Star Wars franchise than nine feature films. I absolutely can't believe we're getting this show, it's so decadently constructed."

"Episode 7 of Andor follows the aftermath of what happens in episode 6 and a lot of things happen. Tension rises and we see how the events in episode 6 impacts many people. There are some emotional moments. The ending is great. Can't wait for the next episode!" one of the comments read. "#Andor Episode 7 continues to build upon its story and the writing for this show keeps its amazing pace , if we think the heist was big I bet that’s just a taste of what’s to come," one of the fans remarked. "#Andor episode 7 was something really special! So many connections in a brilliantly written standalone."

"Episode 7 of #Andor is ramping up the tension and stress. It's so well written that it's triggering my anxiety a little. Genuine stakes, characters I like and believe in at real risk. This isn't just excellent star wars, it's excellent tv drama," a fan opined. "Within the first 10 minutes of #Andor episode 7, enormous strides were made in fleshing out the great Rebel vs Imperial conflict. I feel like things are really going to start cooking now! Andor is now essential Star Wars," a fan tweeted.









'Andor' Episode 7 is streaming on Disney+