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Anderson Lee Aldrich: Club Q shooter seen in 2021 bomb threat video before surrendering to cops

On Monday, November 21, Anderson Lee Aldrich was charged with 5 counts of murder and 5 counts of committing a hate crime
Club Q, a LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs was hit by a mass shooting that left 5 people dead and 18 injured (Club Q/Facebook)
Club Q, a LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs was hit by a mass shooting that left 5 people dead and 18 injured (Club Q/Facebook)

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO: Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, the suspected murderer of five people besides injuring 18 others at Club Q on Saturday, November 19 was first arrested in June 2021 for suspicions of making threats and kidnapping, however, he was soon released from custody. He had also made threats in a video of blowing her mother Laura Voepel's home into 'holey hell' which she was renting in Colorado Springs.

Aldrich allegedly killed five people at Club Q before midnight, where he arrived with what police termed as "tremendous firepower" an AR-15 rifle, six magazines, and a handgun. He was beaten to the ground by customers using the revolver he was carrying until the police came. On Monday, November 21 he was charged with five counts of murder and five counts of committing a hate crime.


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Aldrich was living nearby with his grandmother, Pam Pullen, and her husband Jonathan, but last year he fled to the residence where his mother was renting a room after threatening his grandparents to murder them. On a Ring camera footage from that day, his mother Laura is seen welcoming him into the house and assisting him with his bag. Once inside, he recorded himself in SWAT gear and broadcasted it live on his mother's Facebook page, the videos acquired by the Daily Mail show. In another video, he is seen waking outside with hands in the air as police vehicles huddle outside, apparently surrendering himself to the police.

"This is your boy, I've got the f*****g s**theads outside. F*****g s**theads got their f*****g rifles out. If they breach I'm [going to] blow it to holy hell. Come on in boys, let's f*****g see it!" he's heard saying in the video. After getting his custody, the charges as per the report were however dropped this year.  It's still unclear if he owned the weapons used in Saturday's attack at the time, or if he purchased them in the year since. Police are yet to reveal his mug shot. 

The report added that it was not the mother who made the 911 call to the police in 2021 as presumed earlier, but the landlord Leslie Bowman. "I was not OK with him hiding out in my house from the police. I then called the police and within three minutes, an officer called me back and said they were looking for him," she said.

Bowman who provided the outlet with his videos further said, "It makes me really mad. When I found out the charges were dropped, I was like 'I don't know what happened'. There was obviously something bigger there that he was capable of. If those charges had been followed through with, he'd be in prison or at least on some kind of probation and none of that happened. Now, five people are dead."