AND WE HAVE A LIFTOFF! Internet rejoices as NASA’s $4.1B Artemis 1 finally begins journey to Moon

AND WE HAVE A LIFTOFF! Internet rejoices as NASA’s $4.1B Artemis 1 finally begins journey to Moon
Artemis I launched on Wednesday, November 16 (NASA T V screenshot/ YouTube)

MERRIT ISLAND, FLORIDA: NASA launched the Artemis I mission on Wednesday, November 16 at 1:47:44 am EST from Kennedy Space Centre, Florida. The Artemis I mission is one of the most expensive launches of NASA, costing around $4.1B. However, it will be the first in a series of increasingly complex missions of NASA to build a long-term human presence on the Moon in the upcoming decades. 

According to CNBC, no astronauts are onboard; the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket is carrying the Orion capsule on a demonstration for NASA’s lunar program. Meanwhile, Artemis I will not land on the Moon. However, the spacecraft will orbit nearby before returning to Earth in 26 days.


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There is a history of delays in launching the Artemis I mission. NASA tried to launch Artemis I in August but called it off after multiple attempts due to technical problems with the rocket’s engines. The Artemis program represents a series of missions. Among this, the third goal is tentatively scheduled for 2025 and it is expected to return astronauts to the lunar surface for the first time since the Apollo era. Meanwhile, Artemis was outlined as Exploration Mission 1 in 2012 by NASA and it was decided to launch in 2017. Artemis I will cover a total distance of 1.3 million miles and its re-entry speed will be 24,500 mph, and will splash down on December 11, 2022, reported NASA. 


Meanwhile, the Artemis I emblem was designed by the creative team working for the Deep Space Exploration Systems programs, reported NASA. The red and blue mission trajectories with the white moon in their emblem explains the hard work, tradition, and dedication of the mission and  NASA’s international partnership with ESA (European Space Agency) to create a better future.

'The most amazing moment'

The Internet rejoiced at the launch of Artemis I. A user said, "I grew up on stories of seeing the first being landing on the moon; dreamt of being an astronaut... It's been the hardest week of a hard month of a very hard year... Seeing us begin the journey back to where only 12 people have stepped foot brings me so much joy..." "Have you Ever Seen Anything so Full Of Splendor? #NASAArtemis #ArtemisLaunch #Artemis @NASA," asked another. Journalist Sidharth MP wrote, "8.8million pounds of thrust! What monstrosity is this! #Artemis #ArtemisLaunch The next closest #rocket in operation today #FalconHeavy produces about 5.5mn pounds of thrust This is as crazy as it gets #Rocketry #nasa #NASAArtemis #Orion #moon #space #launch." 

Another tweet read, "Not for ego. Not for profit. Not for acquisicioun. Not for power. Not for one countrye. Not for the wealthye. Not for the same olde cruel & poisonous exploitation. But for hope. For the common good. To bettir love the universe. That ys how to greet the Moon agayne. #ArtemisLaunch." A user added, "The most amazing moment I have ever experienced! Wow! @NASAArtemis @NASA @NASA_Orion @ExploreSpaceKSC #Artemis1 #ArtemisLaunch." Another user commented, "#Artemis launch! Congratulations, @NASA! Wow, it was so stunning. It lit the whole sky before lift off! What a sight! #5amwritersclub I think I might be late to the party this AM!" 

A tweet claimed, "TONIGHT, a few minutes after midnight (November 16th), Earth will launch into space ... the largest rocket that earthlings have ever built. I wish I could be there to see it. #Artemis #ArtemisLaunch"








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