'Amy Schumer Learns to Cook': Amy does more comedy than cooking, fans ask 'who wants to see her cook?'

'Amy Schumer Learns to Cook':  Amy does more comedy than cooking, fans ask 'who wants to see her cook?'
Amy Schumer (Food Network)

In the time of social distancing and isolation, people from across the world are indulging in newer hobbies to keep themselves occupied. 

Similarly, the ‘Trainwreck’ actress and comedian Amy Schumer is currently starring in Food Network’s latest cooking show called ‘Amy Schumer Learns to Cook’ along wth husband Chris Fischer and her one-year-old son Gene David Fischer. 

However, in tonight’s (May 11) episode, Schumer did little cooking and more of talking putting her comedic chops on display while the husband did the majority of the handwork. 

For Schumer’s fans, the one-hour-long episode was definitely a fun watch owing to her customary humor, which has left them in splits. Clearly, her dirty jokes overpowered the little cooking skills she exhibited. Throughout the episode, the couple tried cooking and baking a variety of delicacies while their son Gene made a cameo. 

Fans who thoroughly enjoyed watching Schumer and husband share the screen wrote, “@amyschumer I LOVE your cooking show!!! You and your husband are so funny together!! I dont think I ever laughed so hard at a show on @FoodNetwork”

“Amy Schumer Learns to Cook may be my favorite quarantine show so far! Adding the wings recipe to my grocery list for next week!!,” added another to the previous tweet. 

While another wrote, “@FoodNetwork just finished watching @amyschumer Learn to Cook, and I Freaking LOVED Every Second... Its so hilarious and I learned how to make chicken wings, & Yogurt Sauce... Can't wait for next Monday!”

But, Schumer’s cooking show was met with a different set of comments as well, where fans have said how they never want to watch the show again. 

While one viewer wrote, “Leave to demonic minded ⁦@SenSchumer⁩’s family to add tacky to a clean channel show. Low class/nasty mindedness doesn’t belong on ⁦@FoodNetwork⁩. Not watching."


“Why did food network think this amy schumer show was a good idea,” and “Who the f**k wants to watch Amy Schumer learn how to cook?” asked others. 

“Officially NOT watching @FoodNetwork anymore ...What a trash bag you Put on the air @amyschumer” wrote another disappointed fan. 

‘Amy Schumer Learns to Cook’ airs on Mondays on Food Network. 


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 Amy Schumer Learns to Cook Food Network fans divided some loved it trash