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'Amy Learns to Cook': Chris is way funnier than wife Schumer, fans say 'poor guy needs a raise'

Fans are asking if Chris Fischer would feature in his own cooking show
Chris Fischer, Amy Schumer (Food Network)
Chris Fischer, Amy Schumer (Food Network)

With three episodes under its belt, Food Network’s latest home-based show starring Amy Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer has so far received mixed reactions from viewers. However, it’s important to note that ‘Amy Learns to Cook’ sees minimal cooking from the comedian’s end, while chef husband does the majority of the task. 

In tonight’s (May 25) episode titled ‘Brunch and Taco Night’, Schumer and Fischer plan a taco night amid lockdown and prepare an array of Mexican cuisines. While Schumer primarily focussed on making a drink or two for herself, Fischer prepared tortillas, guacamole, rice, shaved cabbage and fried fish. In the late segment of the episode he even prepares hamburgers for their movie night, while Schumer makes a Danny DeVito martini out of vodka and olive juice.

However, what stole the show was Fischer’s display of humor, which seems to have appealed to a lot of viewers. When Schumer holds a bottle of juice and murmurs "I love you" asking her husband to guess what she said, Fischer leaves us in splits saying "I love Jews". Meanwhile, watching the latest episode, fans of ‘Amy Learns to Cook’ have noted that Fischer is funnier than Schumer. 

One wrote, "Honestly, the funniest thing that @amyschumer has EVER done is Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. Looks like a walking, talking, s**t show but her husband makes her funny. Poor guy needs a raise." And some are seen asking if Fischer would feature in his own cooking show. "I’ve watched three episodes of Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. It's not bad, but I think I would like to watch Chris Fischer in a solo cooking show," said one Twitter user. One fan adored the chef saying, "I've fallen in love with Chris Fischer. What a doll!" while another noted, "Hot take: Chris Fischer is funnier than Amy Schumer."

And one Twitter user who feels Schumer isn’t funny enough wrote, "There was a commercial for some show called amy schumer learns how to cook and my dad went 'well she’s gotta learn how to do something since she can’t act and she’s not funny' lmfaoo."