Blood Lust: Man protests vegan food festival by eating RAW MEAT at venue, and people are not happy

The man in the black vest was trying a point to vegans by chowing down on raw meat right in front of them.

                            Blood Lust: Man protests vegan food festival by eating RAW MEAT at venue, and people are not happy
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There have been numerous reports of protests by vegan outfits outside meat selling establishment, but in an apparent turning of the tables, a man was seen protesting at a vegan food festival by eating raw meat.

The unidentified man's protest at the food festival in Amsterdam drew the ire of numerous animal sympathizers, and he was confronted by festival goers after he was seen eating a slab of raw meat at the event. He was seen chewing on the meat even as police officers questioned him for his behavior.

According to witnesses, the man was wearing a black vest top emblazoned with the words, "Go vegan and die", and the meat was “literally dripping” with blood as he ate it. Several attendees of the festival complained to authorities about the man, who was then confronted by them. Reportedly, this was the first vegan food festival ever to be held in the Dutch capital.

In a footage captured by a witness, a woman can be heard saying, “He is just eating it."

The unnamed man, who was accompanied by a cameraman and an assistant, left an hour later, according to The Independent. Having said that, one spokesperson for the festival disapproved of the man's actions and explained that it was a family event.

“While it is of course not forbidden to eat raw meat, it was, of course, a shocking sight because there was a puddle of blood and fat,” they said.

“Besides, there were lots of elderly people and children. At that time a special children’s programme was going on.” He also clarified that attendees at the festival were “not extreme vegans”.

But as there was no rule preventing the man from standing in front of the festival area, he was reluctant to leave the event. However, police confirmed that he left the festival without a fuss and that they did not have to make any arrests.

"At first he did not want to leave because it is not forbidden to stand just outside the festival terrain,” the spokesperson continued. 

“It was a weird protest by the gentleman. This festival is about having fun and sharing new experiences.”

Last week, a butcher was caught on video swinging raw meat at vegan protesters who had crowded in front of his stall.

In a conversation with The Independent, Philip Bennett, one of the butchers involved in the clash said, "On the day in question we had to suffer a gang of around 12 vegan protesters hanging around the shop shouting obscenities at my staff, telling customers not to buy from the shop and even insulting the people buying the meat."

Another butcher at the scene posted a message to the protesters on Facebook, saying that "if the vegans wanna come down this Saturday it'll be beef marrow bones we wrap around there heads [sic]."

He continued, writing: "If you want to be a vegan fine nothing against that but leave us butchers who are finding the game hard anyway alone to try and earn an honest living [sic]."