Prince Philip welcomed Meghan, but relationship soured after Harry left royal duties without consulting Queen

When Harry and Meghan shed their royal duties behind and stepped down in February 2020, it was reported that Prince Philip had voiced his disappointment in his grandson

Buckingham Palace made the tragic announcement that Prince Philip had died at the age of 99 on Friday, April 9. Having served the Queen from 1952 until his death, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-serving consort in British history. Following this, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared a very succinct message on the home screen of their non-profit, "Thank you for your service... You will be greatly missed." Since this was highly criticized by royal supporters, it is to be noted that Meghan's relationship with Prince Philips had weakened over the years.

Prince Philip reportedly warned Harry about marrying Meghan. According to a Sunday Times Magazine article by Sophie Money-Coutts, the then-93-year-old had apparently told Harry that "One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them". So was it a strained relationship from the very beginning?


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Prince Philip, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Getty Images)

Unaware of the interview

Social media users did not take a minute before sending out angry tweets to Harry and Meghan — even blaming the former actress for Prince Philip's death. On the other hand, many are attacking the British media for blaming Meghan. "Two pieces Daily Mail columnists can have ready to go right now: 1. Why Meghan Markle’s presence at the funeral is an insult, designed to overshadow a somber occasion. 2. Why Meghan Markle’s absence from the funeral, is an insult, designed to overshadow a somber occasion," a user had tweeted pointing to how British media covers the royal affairs surrounding Meghan. 

Did Prince Philip know about Harry and Meghan's interview at all? His death came after a month-long stay in the hospital, where he was admitted for a procedure for a pre-existing heart condition. According to reports, he was in the hospital during the explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey. Reports also reveal that the royal family was careful to not divulge many details from the tell-all. Royal commentator Katie Nicholl had reportedly said that the family had done their best to "protect [Prince Philip] from the full force of the fallout".

However, other reports that emerge now reveal that the duke thought the tell-all interview was “madness” and that “no good would come of it”. Royal biographer Gyles Brandreth reportedly mentioned that Prince Philip said it was “not the right thing, either for the country or for themselves” but later accepted “it’s his life”.

Oprah Winfrey interviews Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Getty Images)

Warm at first

It is possible that Meghan and Prince Philip's relationship deteriorated over the years, which also directly impacted his relationship with Harry. Particularly because it is widely reported that he was welcoming at the beginning.

Ingrid Seward, author of the first Prince Philip biography in over three decades, 'Prince Philip Revealed', reportedly said that "Philip welcomed Meghan at the beginning, he knows what it’s like to be an outsider, and so he’s always been very supportive of people marrying into the family. He quite liked Meghan at first, but their actions have left a bad taste and as a consequence, the relationship with Harry has suffered."

Prince Philip (Getty Images)

Disappointment over royal duties

When Harry and Meghan left their royal duties behind and stepped down in February 2020, it was reported that Prince Philip had voiced his disappointment.

He was not all that happy that the couple was quitting the Firm — even more unhappy with the fact that the Queen was not consulted beforehand. According to Seward’s book, “The Queen was informed 10 minutes before the announcement went live on the website Sussex Royal. She was not amused. As Philip was in residence, he was also aware of the announcement and its implications.”

“Philip simply cannot understand how Harry has behaved the way he has done. His grandson’s behavior is completely alien to him so not unnaturally the relationship has suffered," Seward had reportedly said at the time.

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