Brockhampton's Kevin Abstract drops new album ‘Ghettobaby’, his second in two weeks

Brockhampton frontman Kevin Abstract said that singles from both albums will culminate in a bigger project which will release in parts

Following the release of his album 'ARIZONA baby' last week, Brockhampton frontman Kevin Abstract has just dropped a new EP 'Ghettobaby' and a new video for his single 'Baby boy'.

'Ghettobaby' is his second album in two weeks and the artist has said that singles from both albums will culminate in a bigger project which will release in parts — and will also be titled 'ARIZONA baby'. While the initially-released album 'ARIZONA baby' included three singles — 'Big Wheels', 'Joy Ride, and 'Georgia' — 'Ghettobaby' adds three more to the collection, with 'Corpus Christi', 'Baby Boy', and 'Mississippi'.

'ARIZONA, baby' comes after three years of no solo material from the rapper-songwriter, who is also a founding member of the hip-hop group Brockhampton, who define themselves as a "boy band". It follows Brockhampton’s 2018 album 'Iridescence'.

Although the group has been silent since then, with Abstract focusing on his own work, he has confirmed that there is no question of the group breaking up. "BROCKHAMPTON IS NOT BREAKING UP THE NEW MUSIC SOUNDS GOOD AS HELL WE JUST NOT SPENDING 10 DAYS ON ALBUMS NO MORE," he wrote on Twitter. 

Abstract released his debut album MTV1987 in 2014, and garnered attention from numerous major music blogs and magazine publications. He explained on Twitter that he's releasing the new album in parts.  He also wrote: "I’ve been making a ton of music some for the group some for me just bc some sh*t is too personal /self indulgent to Put on a group album and thats also a dif character all together but this summer I want all that sh*t out tired of holding records Back."

The 'Baby Boy' video has created quite the buzz on social media, in which Abstract sings over light guitar strumming and asks God for his assistance. "Watch baby boy 80 times and listen to what this man has to say," wrote a fan on Twitter. Parallels have even been drawn between the video and early-2000s black cinema.

Fans are delighted by this new surge of material from Abstract and many took to Twitter to share their joy, making #Ghettobaby trend for hours together. Brockhampton tweeted the album art and link to download the EP from their own handle and Romil Hemnani, one of the members, tweeted "GHETTOBABY OUT NOW!!!!!!!" to mark the EP's release. 

Another member of the band Jabari Manwa tweeted: "So beautiful I look Insane, love it!" about the new video of Abstract's 'Baby Boy'. "Thank you for making Corpus Christi," tweeted a Brockhampton fan account. Fans have also been going gaga over Abstract's smooth vocals on the album, tweeting that his singles' stirring lyrics have left them in tears. 

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