'The Chosen One': Release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know about Netflix's Brazilian supernatural thriller series

Get ready to discover a place where no one dies in the Michel Tikhomiroff-directed supernatural thriller

Netflix has some impressive shows coming up over the next few weeks and one of them making the waves is the Brazilian thriller drama, 'The Chosen One,' also known as 'O Escolhido'. It is based on the hit Mexican series, 'Niño Santo,' released in 2011 and created by Pedro Peirano and Mauricio Katz and based on the original idea of Pablo Cruz.

Ahead of 'The Chosen One's premiere on Netflix, here's what we know about the thriller so far.

Release date

'The Chosen One' will release on Netflix on June 28.


Netflix's premise reads: 'The Chosen One' follows three young doctors, who travel to a village in the Pantanal to vaccinate their residents against a new mutation of the Zika virus. They end up trapped in this community full of secrets and whose residents are devotees of a mysterious leader, who has the gift of curing diseases in a supernatural way.

The plot is based on 'Niño Santo,' the Mexican series, which sees a deadly outbreak of a virus in a village called Aguazul. Three young doctors are assigned by the health authorities and despite repeated warnings of not trying to vaccinate the inhabitants of Aguazul, they do so setting off a series of strange events. 


Paloma Bernardi, who rose to prominence with the Brazilian telenovela, 'Insensato Coraçãoas,' plays Lúcia Santeiro, while Renan Tenca plays 'The Chosen One'.  Pedro Caetano plays Damião Almeida while Gutto Szuster is Enzo Vergani. 

Mariano Mattos Martins, Alli Willow, Tuna Dwek, Kiko Vianello, Francisco Gaspar, Aury Porto, and Lourinelson Vladimir round up the rest of the cast. 


Michel Tikhomiroff ('Dirty Hearts' and 'Trust Me') will helm the series. Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz have written the script. 


The trailer opens with a woman asking the question, "Are you the chosen one?". It then sees three doctors set course to the village Aguazula, that is termed as a ghost town. But the trio are chased out by the villagers as soon as they enter. They are mistaken to be the ones coming into the village to harm the people. It ends with Renan Tenca, who plays 'The Chosen One', remarking that science was always in doubt, but faith was certain.

Watch this space for more updates on 'The Chosen One'.

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