Missouri man gets nine years in jail for stabbing dog 11 times and dumping its remains on owner's doorstep

Andrew Nipper was sentenced in September for felony animal abuse, first-degree stalking and stealing the animal.

A man from Missouri has been sentenced to prison for nine years after he brutally stabbed a dog to death and left its remains on the owner's doorstep in an act of revenge, according to reports. The man, identified as Andrew Nipper of Cape Girardeau, was sentenced in September for felony animal abuse, first-degree stalking and stealing the animal. Nipper, last month, pleaded guilty to all the three charges.

The owner of the canine, Katlynn Biggerstaff, on May 19 this year, had said that she put her black, female dog on a leash outside the apartment at around 4:30 pm, and when she checked in on the dog a little later, she found it missing. 

Shortly after Biggerstaff's dog disappeared, she messaged Nipper on Snapchat, asking if he had anything to do with the canine. Nipper, however, denied taking the dog, and instead mocked her, asking if she was having a "ruff" day, in an apparent pun on the missing animal.

Biggerstaff, later that night at 9:30 pm, answered a knock on her apartment door and found a back garbage bag dumped on the front steps. When she opened the bag, she was horrified to find her dog's dead body inside. The dog had died a brutal death after being stabbed at least 11 times, according to The Southeast Missourian

The owner alerted the authorities about the incident and told them about what had unfolded. Biggerstaff also told police that Nipper was in a brief relationship with and was "stalking her friend." She also alleged that Nipper had previously attempted to run over her friend and she had reported the incident to the authorities. 

Biggerstaff believes that Nipper killed her dog as an act of revenge because she called the police on him. He was arrested just days after he dropped the dog's remains at Biggerstaff's door, but for a separate incident altogether. Officers, a day after his arrest, received an anonymous tip with a picture of Nipper in a car with the abducted dog.

Investigators, while combing Nipper's home, found a roll of black trash bags like the ones used to dispose of the remains, and also discovered black hair in his car, similar to the one recovered from the dog. 

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