Man infects two women, one just 17, with HIV after lying about being clean and having unprotected sex

Japhet Osei from Berkshire was sentenced to five years after he knowingly infected two young women with HIV

A Berkshire man who told two of his girlfriends that he had no STDs before he ended up infecting them has been arrested and jailed for five years. Japhet Osei refused to take the medication to treat the infection and instead had sex with two women — one of whom was just 17-years-old — without protection. 

A crown court heard how Osei allegedly showed one of his victims a text message to prove that he did not have STDs and convinced her to have sex with him without the use of a condom. Not only did he keep his HIV infection a secret from them, but he also did not disclose the fact that he had a high count which meant that he was very likely to infect someone via unprotected sex. 

Shortly after sleeping with Osei, both the women fell sick and tests revealed that he had infected both the women. Judge Angela Morris shared that Osei had "lied, lied and lied again" after he had confessed and admitted to two counts of causing bodily harm. The judge sentenced him to five years in jail and said, "We are not living in the 1980s where everyone was ignorant of the effects of this disease and running around in a panic. This is 30 years later". 

"You were provided with expertise, assistance and the opportunity for treatment for the terrible disease you knew you carried and you refused it. Despite your knowledge of your medical condition, you embarked on a sexual relationship. Your actions are totally inexcusable," the judge continued. The prosecutor Alan Blake revealed that Osei had been diagnosed with HIV in the year 2014 when he was 19-years-old. 

In the following year, he went to a sexual health clinic with other STDs but told staff every time that he was not ready to inform his family or even start the anti-viral medicines. As reported by DailyMail, the prosecutor said, "In the Spring of 2015, he formed a new relationship with [the first victim], who was 17 at the time... The assumption was he was clean. In June 2015, she started feeling unwell, throat pain, aching, difficulty to pass urine and stomach cramps". 

"Concerned she had a urinary tract infection, she was then diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease and was offered an HIV test which came back positive. She said she would never have consented to unprotected sex if she had known," Alan Blake continued. It was only a matter of weeks before Osei started to have another sexual relationship with an unsuspecting 20-year-old woman. 

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"He then persuaded her to have unprotected sex by telling her that, if she was truly his girlfriend, he would not need to use a condom. She felt uncomfortable but Osei reassured her by telling her he had been treated recently and showed her a text message purporting to show he had had the all clear," the prosecutor added. In August that same year, the second victim started to feel ill and was diagnosed in September with HIV. 

While in university, the victim was also diagnosed with depression which came as a result of the impact of finding out about her condition. The court heard that both the women have been responding very well to anti-viral medication. Osei's defense lawyer shared that Osei had taken control of the infection and was now on anti-viral medication.

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