Couple caught on camera having threesome with dog called Demon in their bedroom after cops raid home searching for illegal guns

Christina and Richard Patterson were being probed for selling firearms illegally when the detectives found the disturbing videos on their computer

A dog kennel owner from Virginia has been charged with bestiality after she and her husband allegedly had sex with their Dobermann named Demon. The incident was revealed after federal agents found a graphic video of the couple engaging in "sexual activity" with the dog in their bedroom, according to reports.

The kennel owner, identified as 42-year-old Christina Patterson, has reportedly been charged with six counts of bestiality and six counts of animal cruelty, the Daily Mail reported. The video of the duo and the dog was seized last year by authorities when Christina's husband, Richard Patterson, was being probed for selling firearms illegally.

Imperial K-9 LLC (pictured), a dog kennel company that was owned at the time by the couple, can be seen in the picture. (Imperial Kennels & K9 training/Yelp)

Reports state that the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) officials recovered the disturbing videos after seizing the computers from the couple's Suffolk home. The ATF officials had launched an investigation into Imperial K-9 LLC, a dog kennel company which was owned by the couple at the time.

"While reviewing the devices, agents discovered two videos of Defendant and his wife engaging in bestiality with one of their dogs," court documents state. 

Richard, who is currently being held at Western Tidewater Region Jail awaiting sentencing on federal charges, has not been charged in connection to the videos yet. The 47-year-old pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and obstruction of justice charges earlier this year.

According to the Suffolk Police Department, no state charges against him can move forward until his "federal process" is complete. Meanwhile, Christina is also being held in the same prison as Richard, reports state.

Richard was arrested for having 17 firearms, including handguns, shotguns, and military-style rifles, and over 100 rounds of ammunition in July 2017, while Christina was found guilty of assisting her husband in buying, selling and keeping dozens of guns in their home. She also attempted to obstruct the investigation against him. The kennel owner was then sentenced to 12 months in prison and six months under house arrest this July.

If Christina is found guilty of bestiality and animal abuse charges, she could face an additional 12 months to five years in prison, according to reports.

Patterson's lawyer, Andrew Sacks, while talking to WVEC, said that the couple's sex life should be "off limits" from the ATF's investigation. The statement was released by Sacks shortly after sex video was revealed. "We believe that what two consenting adults do in private, in their bedroom, is off limits. We don't believe there was a valid law in place that even affected this at the time," Sacks said.

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