'Almost Family' Episode 3 shows the sisters in a mess as Julia and Edie discover bitter truths and Roxy finds her calling

At the end of last week, Julia (Brittany Snow) had seen Edie (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and Amanda Doherty (Victoria Cartagena) making out

Spoiler alert for Episode 3 'Notorious AF' of 'Almost Family' 

At the end of last week, Julia (Brittany Snow) had seen Edie (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and Amanda Doherty (Victoria Cartagena) making out.

Amanda is prosecuting Julia's father Dr. Leon Bechley (Timothy Hutton) for misuse of his genetic material while Edie is defending. Certainly, anyone can see just how dangerous a territory this is. But before Julia can sort this out, she is faced with a controversy of her own. 

Julia is addressing a meetup in the clinic when an unexpected visitor turns her world upside down. Remember Sam from the pilot episode? Chris Conroy plays the role of Sam, a handsome fellow Julia has a one-night stand with in the bar.

What she hadn't known at that point is that Sam was married. His wife comes to the clinic and in front of the whole crowd that Julia is addressing shouts that Julia had sex with her brother. And just like that, Julia is trending on the Internet for incest.

At first, she runs away from it hiding away in her office underneath an oversized hoodie. The comments, needless to say, are mean and horrific. And she is almost ready to lose hope but it is Isaac (Mustafa Elzein) who gives her the courage to fight this — to show everyone out there who is the "real boss b**ch". 

Elsewhere, the tensions between Roxy and her parents are on the rise. Her parents Ron (Timothy Busfield) and Diane (Victoria Clark) are still pressurizing her to do gigs that she is no longer interested in.

Roxy expresses clearly that she can't be flinging around a medal that is 15 years old and still live off it. Her parents, however, want nothing to do with that and push her to go for a birthday party. 

But almost by fate, it is a good thing that Roxy did make it to this birthday party as it is here that she met Izzy (Bryce Lorenzo). The 11-year-old Izzy wasn't a part of the party but played the role of the arrogant birthday girl's nanny's daughter.

Izzy is shamed for being there and while Roxy stands up for her, she is asked to leave the party. Later, on the pretext of apologizing to the birthday girl's parents, Roxy meets with Izzy again to tell her that she possesses real talent.

When a nervous Izzy tells her that her mother couldn't possibly afford for her to be an athlete, Roxy promises they will work something out. It looks like she has finally found her calling — becoming a trainer. 

Edie's conflict with herself is still on this episode. But it worsens when she uncovers some truth about her past. Dr Leon had confessed to Roxy in the previous episode that he kept track of the exceptional offsprings his material had produced.

Edie discovers that she is among those exceptional kids that Leon was tracking throughout their life. Furthermore, a meeting with her mother reveals that she had never won the scholarship she was so proud of — Dr. Leon had paid for it.

What angers Edie is the fact that Leon was right in front of her all these years growing up, but he never told her the truth about himself and instead kept track of her. 

At the same time, her personal life is also rocky. Her sexual relationship with Amanda is still ongoing and even though she keeps saying they're done, they're not.  'Almost Family' airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET/PT. 

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