'America's Top Dog': Oldest boy Falco proves age is just a number as he beats a SWAT dog and a 'Live PD' favorite

8-year-old Falco shocked everyone with his strength, agility, energy, and intelligence

                            'America's Top Dog': Oldest boy Falco proves age is just a number as he beats a SWAT dog and a 'Live PD' favorite
Falco (A&E)

Older dogs are underestimated and often overlooked as old goods but that's the one that came out on top this week on 'America's Top Dog'. While everyone bet their money on the "underdog", the civilian canine competing with the police K9 teams, it was the oldest boy Falco who shocked everyone with his strength, agility, energy, and intelligence.

Falco battled it out with police K9s 5-year-old German Shepherd Dax, 7-year-old Dutch Shepherd Duco, 4-year-old German Shepherd Maverick and civilian canine Maker, a 4-year-old Border Collie. While Dax is a "Live PD" favorite and has been awarded a valor award after he tracked a burglary suspect and save his handler's life, Duco is a SWAT dog. Maker, the lightest of the lot at just 43 pounds, can do 120 tricks, play 10 sports and can parkour. Maverick has served with the police for four years, helping people with his nose and his service. 

In what looked like 'American Ninja Warrior' but with 100 percent more cuter contestants, A&E's dog reality show kicked off its maiden season this week. An exhilarating, loaded with highly intelligent canines and very experienced teams, this reality show should be on your must-watch list.

The winning team consisted of Falco, an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois, and his partner officer Cochran, a police veteran of 15 years working for the Fargo Police Department. The two have been together since Falco was just eight weeks old and are inseparable. Their bond was evident as they completed tasks and challenges with ease.

The duo finished the first challenge in 2.76 seconds, completing the fire escape drill and cop car challenge with elan. Then, Falco managed to get all five scented totems in 2.17 seconds. With his years in narcotics, it was really no big deal. What was interesting to see was his communication with his handler and how he was able to pick up changes in behavior when he found each totem with the blink of an eye.

For the final round, Falco's skills of suspect apprehension were tested. He grabbed and let go on command — even though he clearly didn't want to — and got Team Falco to finish in a mere 1.2 seconds.

They won their promised $10,000 and the duo donated $5,000 to Spike K9. The duo will also return to the finale course to battle for the title of 'America’s Top Dog' and an additional $25,000 cash prize. 

Catch the next episode as the furry athletes compete and show off some serious skills on 'America's Top Dog', Wednesday nights at 9 pm ET/PT on A&E.

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