#AmericasGreatestMistake: Angry Internet calls Trump 'racist, sex offender, murderer' after Don Winslow's video

#AmericasGreatestMistake: Angry Internet calls Trump 'racist, sex offender, murderer' after Don Winslow's video
Don Winslow, Donald Trump (Getty Images)

Donald Trump's administration has come under fire a lot lately due to its response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and it has also been blamed for the continued civil unrest in the US following the death of 46-year-old Black man George Floyd. On July 24, American author Don Winslow took to Twitter to share a video captioned, "My new video: #AmericasGreatestMistake. We need 10,000 retweets in two hours. Please remember you can retweet twice."

The one-and-a-half minute video talks about Trump’s antics and the alleged damage his administration has caused over the years. It begins with a female voice saying, "Dear Donald Trump, just because your polls are down and you’re losing to Joe Biden, doesn’t mean you get to kill our children or threaten our teachers in school," referring to Trump’s opinion about reopening schools amid the pandemic. The video consists of clips of Trump where he’s spoken about "funding being a problem" if children don’t go back to schools. 

He’s also being called out in the video for lying about the "danger of coronavirus", which is followed by Trump’s statement saying, "I think at some point that’s going to sort of just disappear." Along with the president himself, the video also critically approaches the propagandas used by his ministers to "lie" to the public. In the rest of the clip shared by Winslow, Trump is slammed for mistreating the US soldiers, taking the law into his hands and enlisting fake doctors to advise the public on the deadly infection. 

After sharing the video, Winslow further tweeted, "Let's get this trending. #AmericasGreatestMistake. You will understand why in a few short hours." Internet users quickly surfaced on Twitter to promote the trend and added to Winslow’s opinion naming reasons why Trump shouldn’t be elected in the November elections. Reacting to the video one user wrote, "The most corrupt family in modern history, racist, sex offender, and murderer. Your days are numbered... #AmericasGreatestMistake," while another added, "Trump and the whole administration are nothing but liars and thieves! They are #AmericasGreatestMistake."

Recollecting one of Trump’s alleged statements from 2016 implying the dangers he could inflict on America one tweeted, "Trump implied he would be #AmericasGreatestMistake during at least 2 of his 2016 rallies reading a story from paper that told of a woman who invited a snake into her home. When the snake was about to destroy her he said, 'You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in'."

Meanwhile, a few shared numbers and figures to reflecting the surging fatalities from Covid-19 in the US under Trump’s rule. When one wrote, "The same so-called president fires the previous pandemic team denies and lies, which kills over 145K Americans and 4.5 million infected is #AmericasGreatestMistake." Another added, "#AmericasGreatestMistake 45 and the GOP just want to kill off the poor and working class. That's the only reason for ignoring a pandemic and insisting the US return to pre-pandemic status."


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