'America's Got Talent' season 14: NBA star Dwayne Wade says he will be a 'nice and funny' judge on the series

In the second round of Judge Cuts, to air this Tuesday, the guest judge is none other than retired NBA star Dwayne Wade. 

                            'America's Got Talent' season 14: NBA star Dwayne Wade says he will be a 'nice and funny' judge on the series

Take a pause from shooting your hoops, as 'America's Got Talent' returns for a brand new episode of the Judge Cuts on Tuesday night, with a new guest judge taking a seat in the panel. 

'America's Got Talent' season 14 recently got done with its auditions, and last week we saw the first round of Judge Cuts where 18 contestants performed their acts once again for the judges and guest judge Brad Paisley. Out of the 18 acts, only 7 moved on to the live shows. Amongst the 7 contestants who advanced to the next round, 15-year-old singer-songwriter Sophie Pecora won Paisley's Golden Buzzer for her emotional performance. 



Back again this Tuesday (July 23) for the second round of Judge Cuts, this week's guest judge is none other than retired NBA star Dwayne Wade. 

Wade played his final season in May with the Miami Heat. And now he will sit alongside his wife Gabrielle Union as the guest judge. In a preview clip before the episode airs, Wade spoke about basketball and being a judge on AGT. 

Starting off by talking about his basketball dream team, Wade said, "My dream team so if I'm on a team, we start with me at the point guard. And then I'll go Michael Jordan at the two-guard then I go LeBron James at the three. I go with Shaq at the 5. I'm gonna go KG for the four I ain't got no shooting. We just got to be good because they know shooting nobody shooting threes up this thing. But if I can take myself out of this and pick a team, I put Steph Curry in as my one so it kind of makes everything work." 



Talking about the kind of judge he thinks he will be on AGT, Wade said, "So I think this is my first time judging something outside of a dunk contest. So I have no idea. What kind of person is going to come out of me. I think I think I'm going to be nice. I think I'm going to be hopefully funny. Yeah, nice and funny." 

Chiming in with her response as to what kind of judge Wade will be, Julianne Hough said, "Dwyane Wade is an athlete. So I think that he is going to be looking for teamwork. I think the amount of hard work that it takes for these acts to prepare. I think definitely entertainment he wants to be moved and have a good time. But I think he's gonna really focus on the dedication and connection that it takes to have with an act or with a team with a group of people."

Dwayne Wade joins AGT as the guest judge this week. (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)


She added: "I think that is something that he is very well-versed at so this is going to be really fun. I think he's going to be harder than I think a lot of our other judges because he knows the dedication and discipline it takes two to be the best." 

Sharing his opinion, Howie Mandel said that he can't wait to see how Wade judges. "You know when you have a judge like Dwayne Wade who's probably achieved whatever he's achieved because it's of his competitiveness, he understands what goes into a competition. So he's got to understand what's involved in the biggest talent competition in the world. I can't wait to see how he judges." 

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