'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Stand up comedians Alex Hooper and John Hastings impress with their wit

AGT continued to hold auditions without an audience for this episode as well but the comics still managed to land their jokes with aplomb

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Stand up comedians Alex Hooper and John Hastings impress with their wit
Alex Hooper and John Hastings (NBC)

Season 15 of 'America's Got Talent' returned to our screens on Tuesday night and we were once again treated to an audition round without the energy of an audience to pump up the performers. The show's host Terry Crews and judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara all returned for this quarantine round episode, with the fourth judge Heidi Klum once again taking a sick leave since she was feeling under the weather. 

Kicking things off was the returning Alex Hooper, an insult comic who had previously rubbed the judges the wrong way when he had come to audition the first time. However, he came back to redeem himself and apologize to the judges for his horrible display last time around, ready to prove that he had grown and matured in the time that had passed. This time he did a much better job and gave Terrry and the three judges a good old fashioned roasting. He started off by saying that Terry and Howie clearly didn't go to the same gym, before latching onto Howie and asking him if he had hatched from an egg with that shiny bald head of his. He spared Sofia, saying he loved her, but then called Simon "50 shades of tan."


Even though she wasn't present, Heidi wasn't spared either, with Hooper saying that she was probably on the 'Sports Illustrated' models senior tour. He wrapped up by saying that since all four judges from 'America's Got Talent' weren't American, the country needed to rethink its immigration policy. The judges agreed that Hooper had hit the right notes this time around, and gave him three yeses, while admitting that they had been too quick to judge him the first time around. On social media, fans were singing his praises too, with one viewer saying "beautiful work" and another stating "you hit it out of the park! Grand Slam!! Bravo!" Another fan declared, "This is the highlight of AGT so far this season."

There was another brilliant comic later by John Hastings, who also hugely impressed with his act. Raised by a single mother, the 34-year-old comic revealed that he had been born with dyspraxia, meaning he grew up without proper reflexes and was "as uncoordinated as a giraffe". However, he once responded to a bully at school with a stinging zinger and when that made the whole classroom erupt and the bully back down, that made him realize that he could probably make stand up comedy a distinct career path. After 14 years in the business, his set was entertaining as well, where he made some cutting jokes about this empty AGT set being the weirdest gig he had done yet. Hastings's standup set was quite entertaining as well, as he riffed about neck tattoos, borrowing money from one's parents and wedding days.


Hastings received a standing applause for his audition, with Howie noting that he was "golden" and that his career was on an upswing. Sofia also said he was fantastic and Simon loved it too, saying that he got a great reaction from the people present there. Hastings noted that this response was as good as a golden buzzer, considering the crew probably wanted to go home at this point. His artful reading of the room also made the judges chuckle and he walked off with three yeses.  

On social media, fans were also singing his praises, with one fan saying "he was really funny" and another declaring "good job buddy! I laughed out loud a lot!" Another viewer observed, "This is boss. From the side-eye flick to the camera to you sailing right on through that empty theatre weirdness." As another admirer concluded, "Phenomenal. You're gonna take Conan's job."   

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