'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Thomas Day labeled 'liar' as he returns as Wild Card after withdrawing

The singer initially stated he withdrew to pursue football but now he says that he withdrew because he tested positive for Covid-19

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Thomas Day labeled 'liar' as he returns as Wild Card after withdrawing
Thomas Day (NBC)

Thomas Day wowed audiences during his audition, delivering a stunning rendition of 'Break My Heart Again' by Finneas. The performance earned him the resident heartthrob crown for this season. For many, he was guaranteed to find himself in the finals. But as the quarterfinals came around, it appeared the singer was no longer a part of the show and many began wondering what exactly happened.

After previously stating in a video that his withdrawal was due to him being unable to juggle between football and AGT, it was now revealed that he tested positive for Covid-19 after his mother tested positive before him. The diagnosis cost him his spot on the quarterfinals, which was then awarded to Broken Roots. Sofia Vergara said during the semifinals that the judges thought America deserved the right to vote for Day after his withdrawal cost him that opportunity. This meant Day would return as a Wildcard and he chose to use the second chance to deliver his own rendition of Billie Eilish's 'When the Party's Over'.

Viewers were particularly angered by the show's choice to bring Day back. One tweet read, "Taking a break from my social media break for a hot second to say that it's absolutely major b******* that Thomas Day, an act that withdrew from the competition and didn't compete in the quarterfinals, was chosen as a wild card. How'd he earn this wild card? Explain me that. #AGT," to which another user responded, "All those eliminated acts, acts that DIDN'T withdraw for whatever reason (valid or not!), get snubbed for a singer that we literally have not seen perform since his AUDITION. They chose a dude who only has ONE PERFORMANCE under his belt over acts that have 2-3 !!! #AGT DO BETTER." Day soared through every round, and thanks to his withdrawal, has not had the chance to perform for audiences since he wowed them the first time around.


Others pointed out that Day allegedly offered to sell a video previously in which he stated his reason for leaving AGT was to pursue football, something that led to him being labeled a 'scammer' by many. One user stated, "Thomas Day wasn't 'allowed' in the Quarter Finals because he CHOSE football over #AGT and then SOLD THE REASON WHY ON CAMEO," to which another responded, "Don't vote for Thomas Day! He's a liar and sold his reason for leaving #agt and then he gets to come back and avoid a whole week of voting???" Another asked, "So- did Thomas Day actually have COVID or have Football??"



Some viewers were able to look past the withdrawal and return, with one stating "Thomas Day is an amazing singer." Others weren't too big on Day's singing though. One viewer said, "Can Thomas Day pick a key? Not sure he is remotely sounding great. Not trying to sound attacking but he sounds off to me..."



Despite him demonstrating his vocal skills and managing to get past his initial nerves, it appears Day may have run out of goodwill with some of the viewers. One stated, "I already wasn’t voting for Thomas Day but lying about why he dropped out for sympathy makes me like him even less." 


Whether Day makes it through to the finals or not will depend on the votes, and it doesn't appear like the tides are in his favor tonight.

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