'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Where is Thomas Day? Fans call him a 'scammer' for charging to reveal why he quit

The show has remained largely silent on the matter, only revealing the one act had been replaced by another with no other answers. Day, however, had something to say

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Where is Thomas Day? Fans call him a 'scammer' for charging to reveal why he quit
Thomas Day (NBC)

'America's Got Talent' is certainly no stranger to drama. After all, not only are reality competition shows notoriously prone to it, they often bank on the drama being a major factor that keeps the show entertaining. But AGT, rather oddly, has remained woefully silent on the fact that one of its quarterfinalists was cut from the show and replaced by another. So what exactly happened?

Viewers noticed something was amiss when musical duo Broken Roots showed up during the final episode of the Season 15 quarterfinals. This wouldn't have raised any red flags if it weren't for the fact that they were notably cut by the judges in a previous round. Soon fans began asking what was going on and when the duo revealed they were called back to replace another act, fans were left scrambling to find answers: who was missing from the lineup?

Their questions were soon answered by fellow fans of the show who pointed out that Thomas Day was the act missing. But his disappearance raised more questions than answers. Day, after all, was one of the most popular acts. His audition featured a rendition of Finneas' 'Break My Heart Again' and he won over audiences with both his voice and his boyish charm. While Howie did not think the singer warranted a pass, Day earned three yeses and advanced in the competition. He sailed through the judge cuts as well, but prior to the quarterfinals, he elected to withdraw from the competition, making him the first act since Silvia Silvia and Duo Volta in Season 10 to withdraw after reaching the live shows.

Fans asked repeatedly, "Please what happened to Thomas Day?" But without an answer from AGT, they did some digging and soon chanced upon a video Day was selling that explained his reasons for quitting. Or, as one viewer put it, "A singer who apparently is a bully and scammed people out of $25 to reveal “dirt” about the show!"




Day's reasons, however, were hardly 'dirt' or 'tea'. The singer is also an athlete and couldn't sustain both at the same time. During his audition, he mentioned he was already being drafted and was actively pursuing football, so it should come as no surprise that his passions clashed. He picked sports and the rest is history. While AGT is a huge opportunity, Day has already amassed quite a following on social media and will likely continue to grow his stardom through his YouTube, so quitting AGT was probably not too difficult for the singer. His choice, however, has earned him criticism since his video was chargeable to watch. One viewer said, "Thomas Day, don’t scam people." Another said, "So uh, why not just give up football? Why is that so hard? You have other acts giving up time, jobs, etc for their performance. Just sounds like a douche. You obviously didn't want to be on AGT THAT badly." But one person stated, "He’s the #7 kicker in the country, which is a really big deal. His odds are much greater to get a college scholarship playing football and getting a great education than winning #AGT."




Whether viewers agree with his choice or not, it cleared the way for Broken Roots to have a second shot at winning the show. 'America's Got Talent' airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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