'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Spyros Bros' flying diabolo has fans saying they 'spun their way to the top'

The duo tossed their diabolos higher than ever before, stunning both the judges and the viewers at home

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Spyros Bros' flying diabolo has fans saying they 'spun their way to the top'
Spyros Bros (NBC)

Spyros Bros reached new heights on the quarterfinals Season 15 of 'America's Got Talent' with their soaring diabolo tricks that had the judges on the edge of their seats and the audiences with their jaws on the floor.

The duo, comprised of 25-year-old Marco Angelo and 23-year-old and Marc Albert, brought their A-game for the night, several weeks after their audition earned them a standing ovation. They have already earned themselves a loyal fan following, but the Filipino brothers proved they weren't one to rest on their laurels as they increased the intensity of their performance, proving that they were determined to make it through. And their energy clearly earned them several more fans.

Spyros Bros on the 'Live Show 2' Episode of 'America's Got Talent' Season 15 (NBC)

"This is awesome, The Spyros Bros's is the best so far tonight," shared one viewer, "That was an amazing performance!!!" said another, and one viewer stated, "Who would’ve thought before tonight began that the @spyrosbros would be BY FAR the best act of the night after 8 acts?!!!"




And the praise continued throughout the duo's performance and long after. "The Spyros Bros were fire!!!!" read one tweet, "I LOVE SPYROS BROS," said another. And for some, for whom the night wasn't turning out to be as exciting as they'd hoped, the Spyros Bros were the act that finally breathed life into the show. "@spyrosbros are finally a group that hasn't disappointed me. Well done," shared one fan.




And as the judges, Heidi Klum in particular, covered their faces while watching the diabolos fly all around, it appears that fans at home had a similar experience. "@spyrosbros had me take cover from TV," shared one viewer.


For others, however, the soaring diabolos appear to have inspired them to pick up a new hobby themselves. One tweet read, "Spyrosbros performance was great...for some odd reason I want a yoyo now."


Fans are already predicting that Spyros Bros have made it through to the next round before the rounds of voting have even completed, giving us a glimpse into just how much the audience loved their act. "The Spyros Bros just spun their way to the top!" stated one fan, while another shared, "Spyros Brothers are THROUGH to the next round — they know how to FILL all that space — I'll be highly surprised if they don't make it."



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