'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Resound gives fans 'goosebumps' but Howie continues his streak of 'negativity'

'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Resound gives fans 'goosebumps' but Howie continues his streak of 'negativity'
Resound (NBC)

'America's Got Talent' continued with its final quarterfinals episode of Season 15 with vocal trio Resound taking the stage and demonstrating just why they made it to this stage. The group earned praise all around, though Howie Mandel wasn't quite sure they managed to up the ante with their performance. Fans, however, disagreed entirely.

Tweeting about the performance, one user on Twitter shared, "@officialresound's voices and their harmonies always puts us to cloud nine. SO HEAVENLY AND LUSH." Another said, "@officialresound made @AGreatBigWorld & @Xtina proud tonight with their outstanding cover of 'Fall on Me'," while one fan simply said, "GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!"




And the praise simply continued from there on out. "Holy s**t! These singers are amazing!" read one tweet, "That was an incredible performance by Resound, They sounded amazing together," said another. One fan shared, "Wow. Those are the most beautiful voices I've ever heard."




The group was praised just as much for the visuals they brought to the stage, with one fan tweeting, "Their harmony is amazing. Also that background is goals." Another shared, "Also can I say Resound's outfits are on point." One stated, "If there was a musical act that should go through tonight, these 3 should be it. They were awesome, and that shirt he was wearing, for some reason, made me think of the matted Black Panther outfit."




Mandel had been booed several times already by that point in the night, and some wondered if he would find this performance underwhelming as well. "@officialresound and those heavenly harmonies β€” just beautiful and RISING the whole way β€” will be interested to hear what the judges say," mused one fan, while another said, "I swear if Howie says something negative about this performance he clearly needs to be replaced."



Contrary to the rest of the night, Mandel wasn't necessarily negative with his feedback for Resound. He did reiterate, however, that he didn't think any of the acts had managed to put on better performances than their previous ones. While some viewers agreed, stating, "Howie, you are right! No one has elevated their game so far tonight. @howiemandel." Others, including Mandel's fellow judges Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum, did not, declaring he was being negative. One tweet read, "What's gotten into Howie? He is not as nice as he normally is," while another stated, "@howiemandel lmao getting salty 'I’ve been judging a lot longer than you.' When Sophia disagreeing."




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