'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Kelvin Dukes, Kameron Ross earn mixed reactions with 'poor' song choices

The two singers still managed to demonstrate their vocal chops, but will it be enough to get America's vote?

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15:  Kelvin Dukes, Kameron Ross earn mixed reactions with 'poor' song choices
Kelvin Dukes and Kameron Ross (NBC)

'America's Got Talent' kicked off their second round of lives with 11 quarterfinal acts filled with everything from singers and dancers to an impressionist and a daredevil to, well, Bonavega, an act that defies classification. But as things moved along, it appeared the early acts struggled to hit the right note with all of their audiences at home.

The first act out the gate was singer Kelvin Dukes who delivered an energetic, retro performance of Amy Winehouse's 'Valerie' that included a live band and back up dancers all packaged in a Hollywood-esque style visual. "This young man has such a nice vibe and voice, great performance tonight! Nice job, Kelvin Dukes!" tweeted one fan, while another shared, "Kelvin Dukes' performance became one of my most favorite performances of the season so far."




But while the vibes of Dukes's performance were great and drew praise, not everyone was happy with his song choice. "I am sorry, Kelvin! But your performance was boring. I would have buzzed!" stated one viewer, "That was the wrong song choice for Kelvin. I did not like this performance at all, he was much better in his first audition," said another and one shared "It’s not that it’s awful, but Valerie is just not the right song for him. The kid’s got moves though. Score: 6/10."






Others thought the show's band was the issue, stating, "Oh my God folks... Your musicians are as real as the Pit Crew on RuPaul's Drag Race. That was an embarrassment. Poor Kelvin Dukes. That did him NO good." And some thought the young singer himself didn't deliver his best, tweeting, "Kelvin was not good. His voice was off-key for most of the song. I don’t know if the judges were just being nice or watched a different video."




Others, however, disagreed. "Man that song choice by Kelvin was perfect! Great song and cool arrangement. Hope he goes through," stated one fan, while another stated, "Kelvin is young but he has performance chops, a good voice, confidence, and the staging on the Universal lot really helps the song ("Valerie" is such a classic song anyway)."




Another singer that struggled was Kameron Ross, who despite already boasting a fanbase among the AGT crowd didn't earn his best reviews thus far. Some loved his rendition of Lady Gaga's 'Million Reasons', stating, "Kameron sounded amazing tonight, I like his performance so far."


But several others thought the singer's nerves and poor song choice got in his way. "I was actually rooting for Kameron, but this song ain't it," tweeted one viewer, "Sorry Kameron, but this performance was a mess!" stated another, and one said, "Oh God. Not a great song for Kameron."






And the comments about song choice continued. "I just feel Kameron was so stressed tonight, and his performance was not as good as his first one, so sad for him," stated one viewer, "Kameron Ross was B-A-D bad....hey judges, those buzzers work. Time to use them," said another and one viewer shared, "Not sure if judges watched same performance as I did but Kameron Ross was a trainwreck."






But not everyone thought the performance was a total loss. "I did think I caught a few nerves there but Kameron did real good," stated one viewer. Others couldn't help but connect with Ross's message, sharing, "Kameron Ross can show us that life is too short to not love ourselves and to keep following our dreams."




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