'America's Got Talent' Season 15 Finale: Brandon Leake vows to be a good dad in poem, fans say he heals the soul

While his previous performances revealed his pain, this one carried a promise of hope and fans were all here for it

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15 Finale: Brandon Leake vows to be a good dad in poem, fans say he heals the soul
Brandon Leake (NBC)

Spoken-word poet Brandon Leake, the first act of his kind on 'America's Got Talent', brought his inspiring act to the finale — this time delivering a stunning piece about fatherhood. Leake, whose previous performances revealed he was a new father himself and one who didn't have a good relationship with his own father growing up, vowed to break the cycle of pain and be a good father to his new daughter.

Kicking his piece off with a refrain, "Yes, Jesus loves me..." Leake launched into his powerful poem, going through his promise to be his daughter's biggest cheerleader and ending with a prayer for her future. And once again, Leake had the audience spellbound and in tears. "AMAZING every time I hear you Brandon!!!" shared one viewer, "@Called_To_Move flawless, breathtaking, heartfelt, all the feels! Thank you for shining your light on us!!!!" stated another, and one said, "Brandon Leake heals the soul. Beautiful symphony of words."




And the praise continued. "#BrandonLeake is a #Superstar on #AGT and hope he wins it all," shared one viewer, and another stated, "When it comes to @Called_To_Move’s @agt performance tonight, there’s only one thing to say," along with a gif stating, "It's over." Another viewer shared, "Brandon - beautiful, powerful, heartfelt, made me smile (but it didn't give me the FEELS like his semi performance — something about the far away shots and those dang BLINDING LIGHTS at times) — but still, I think he's a CINCH for the top 5 and COULD take it all."




Howie Mandel, sharing he had never experienced poetry prior to this, said Leake left him "speechless." Sofia Vergara concurred while Heidi Klum stated Leake truly "deserved a show on Vegas". But not all viewers agreed. Some, evidently, did not connect with the act of poetry itself. One viewer asked, "Uhhh so Donna and I trying to find something to watch on TV and we are currently on America’s Got Talent and I didn’t realize that talking was a top 10 talent. What is this dude’s talent??" to which another responded, "Putting people to sleep." Others disagreed with poetry as a winning act, with one user sharing, "Brandon, is not Vegas material."


Most, however, are convinced the poet will win this season. One viewer stated, "Not only has Brandon Leake (@Called_To_Move) introduced spoken word to so many for the first time, but he has consistently delivered powerful, raw, and captivating performances each week. That message to his daughter was stunning." Another said, "Once again, Brandon Leake has me in tears. I'm pleasantly shocked that @Called_To_Move made it to the @AGT finals. There is so much negativity & lack of understanding for what he does. I'm happy to see that the support & understanding outweighs the naysayers!" And one viewer declared, "Brandon Leake deserves to win #AGT. I have been glued to the screen everytime he's performed."




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