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'America's Got Talent' season 14: Singer-songwriter Sophie Pecora gets the golden buzzer from Brad Paisley

Sophie Pecora wowed the judges and audience with her original performance and received the coveted golden buzzer from celebrity guest judge, Brad Paisley.

Fifteen-year-old, Sophie Pecora is no stranger to knocking the socks off of the judges on the reality television show, 'America's Got Talent'.  Her earlier performance won her a standing ovation and heaps of praises from the judge. In the earlier episode, she sang an original song called '7th Grade' that is about her being bullied back in school. Pecora revealed she decided to perform this song so everyone knows they aren't alone. She came back with another power-packed performance this time for guest judge Brad Paisley. 

In her introduction, she had described herself as a quiet and reserved person. She made a powerful statement about her talent saying, "I am a quiet person but I have a pretty loud mind”. Her parents chimed in saying, "She got a validation to express herself, and when she got home she wrote five songs within a week!"

Sophie Pecora (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Sophie walked onto the stage with her guitar and started performing her original song titled 'Misfits', which again addressed bullying. She claimed that this song is the most personal piece she has ever written. 


Paisley immediately gave her a standing ovation and Gabrielle Union  very poignantly described Sophie's performance as, "..You just reached into our hearts and snatched it right out.” The most critical judge, Simon advised Sophie that she not talk about bullies anymore because according to him talking about bullies then they win, and if she doesn’t talk about them then she wins, and they are not worth talking about. He, however, did appreciate her voice.

Paisley asked her about the last line from her song: "Misfits have some powers that are pretty rad.” He said, that she schooled so many people with her performance and that bullying is an important issue that needs to be addressed considering how influential social media is. He then proceeded to hit the golden buzzer.

The little songstress was moved by the guest judge's gesture and said she never expected this, and had no words to express how she feels. Getting the golden buzzer means that Sophie's now headed to the live show.

Few fans, however, did not seem to feel the same about Sophie's performance. They slammed the judges for their decision and some went on to criticize the show. A fan commented, "Oh wow, another child “singer” gets the Golden Buzzer. This show has become so predictable and disappointing. So many acts that have been far more deserving of it." Another fan pointed out about how performances with sad stories behind them almost always get golden buzzers. "All u need is to cry abt something n make a sob story n they'll put u through.. talent aside.. ashame". 

The reactions of fans to Sophie receiving a golden buzzer was divided. Several fans appreciated Sophie's performance and felt she deserved the success. A fan wrote, "My heart is in pieces, she is so authentic and pure." Another fan praised Sophie saying, "I love her. She deserves that buzzer! She’s singing not only about teenagers being bullied but about anyone who’s ever doubted themselves because someone made them feel they should."

We can't wait to watch more of her original performances. 'America's Got Talent' season 14 airs every Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.