‘America’s Got Talent’ fans unhappy with girl group G-force being sent to the live shows

The second round of judge cuts saw a handful of performances getting through and making it to the live shows and one of them was an all-girl musical group G-force. Fans are unhappy with the judges' decision and felt that there were better performances that deserved to go ahead on the show.

                            ‘America’s Got Talent’ fans unhappy with girl group G-force being sent to the live shows

'America's Got Talent' is known for being the perfect platform for showcasing the unique talents of performers from across the globe. The second round of judge cuts was no different. NBA legend Dwayne Wade was the guest judge. Wade alongside the other judges on the show had to make the tough decision of picking out the performances that get to go to the live show, and the remaining performers were sent back home. There were several amazing performances, and the judges picked up a handful of performers that got the ticket to the next round. One of them was G-force.

Toronto based musical group G-force’s performance, however, drew a lot of flak from the fans. The tween group performed an original number composed based on Simon’s feedback to them after their audition performance. Simon suggested that the girls give a more authentic and original performance. And the girls took it seriously and composed their own number aptly titled “Simon Says” and danced to it. While the performance was cute, not all the judges seemed to be impressed. Howie remarked that the performance didn’t do it for him. The audience loudly booed him away. However, Gabrielle and Wade enjoyed the performance. Finally, Simon gave his approval by stating that their performance showed remarkable improvement as compared to their audition.



On the other hand, fans felt that there were much better performances than G-force's which deserved to go ahead on the show. A disappointed fan wrote, "@AGT how did @GForceDreamBIG get through to the live shows? You can’t understand anything they sing. There are much better acts out there #AmericasGotTalent”.

The group's songs lyrics were almost incomprehensible and many fans pointed out that they were lip-syncing. “#agt When was it allowed to lip sync on the show?  G-force should have been buzzed.  What happened to Simon?  When mistakes were made, he used to be all over the acts.  Show seems contrived these days.” Fans also felt that the judges might have been partial to the girls, because they picked them over other performances like Verba Shadow group whose shadow dance featuring wizards and some brilliant effects didn't make the cut. "#AGT #AmericasGotTalent @howiemandel @itsgabrielleu @juliannehough @SimonCowell were you all drinking tonight? You kept the group of little girls over the shadow dancers or the group of mortal combat dancers???? Wtf!!!!” Another fan commented, "“THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT @SimonCowell @juliannehough @itsgabrielleu @howiemandel don't know to make decisions. @verbashadow was the fucking frontrunner I could see them winning PLEASE BRING THEM BACK AS A #Wildcard #AmericasGotTalent #GotTalent @AGTAuditions @AGT”.

'America's Got Talent' season 14 airs every Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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