Young performers outshine seasoned acts double their age on America's Got Talent Season 14

Earlier during the season, Simon Cowell revealed that the contestants this season were killing it and taking a look at the slew of children who won a Golden Buzzer, Cowell was clearly right in every way.

                            Young performers outshine seasoned acts double their age on America's Got Talent Season 14

The young contestants are killing it this season on 'America's Got Talent' proving that age has got nothing to do with talent.

AGT season 14 recently got done with its Judge Cuts and is heading on to its live quarter-finals starting next week. Over the course of nine weeks ever since the season premiered, we have witnessed a surplus amount of talent that had us hooked to our screens every week.  

And out of the thousands that auditioned hoping to make it all the way through, only a handful have made it through to the live shows and front-runners this season. Out of the 33 contestants who made it to the live shows, nine were Golden Buzzer winners - five from the auditions and four from the Judge Cuts. 

Emanne Beasha won a Golden Buzzer from Jay Leno (NBC/Trae)

Taking a look back at the season till now, a variety of impeccable acts made it through to the live shows and came in all age groups. But the one thing that stood out the most was the number of young contestants who won the Golden Buzzer. 

Earlier this season, Simon Cowell revealed that the young kids in the current season were killing it, and taking a look at the slew of kids who have won a Golden Buzzer, you can see why he said that.

The young talent are doing better than the seasoned acts this season. 

Taking into consideration the Judge Cuts performances that we witnessed over the past four weeks, all the Golden Buzzer winners were either teens or pre-teens.

Light Balance Kids, who won Ellie Kemper's Golden Buzzer, is a dance troupe which performed a basketball-themed dance routine that was combined with mixed lighting, programming, and coding. 

V. Unbeatable, won a Golden Buzzer from guest judge Brad Paisley during week one of Judge Cuts, and even though their group had contestants over 27 years of age, they did have kids ranging from age 11 in their group as well.

And to see them perform stunts and tricks along with team members who are elder to them was stunning. 

The other two Golden Buzzers this season also went to young talents. Sophie Pecora who won a Golden Buzzer from Dwayne Wade with her original song is just 15 years old and has impressed the judges not just with her voice, but with her songwriting skills as well. 

Light Balance Kids won a Golden Buzzer from Ellie Kemper. (NBC/Trae)

The most recent Golden Buzzer winner Emanne Beasha, who Jay Leno slammed his Golden Buzzer for, is just 10 years old. And to impress Leno who has over 40 years of experience in the talent industry is not an easy feat. But Beasha, an opera prodigy, stunned everyone with her performance of "Caruso". She also received endless praises from all judges. 

With all four Golden Buzzers this Judge Cuts going to young talent, we cannot forget the other contestants who won a Golden Buzzer during the auditions. Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Detroit Youth Choir, and Luke Islam are three other teen/pre-teen acts that stood out amongst the others who auditioned along with them and received a Golden Buzzer from Cowell, Terry Crews, and Julianne Hough. 

Apart from the Golden Buzzer winners, this season also had a bunch of other young talented contestants who made their way through to the live shows, and include Benicio Bryant, Charlotte Summers, The Ndlovu Youth Choir and GFORCE. 

Luke Islam won a Golden Buzzer from Julianne Hough (NBC/Trae)

While the seasoned acts are good in their own way, it will be quite interesting this season to see who walks away with the trophy. From next week, the results will be out of the judge's hands, as fans get to vote for their favorite contestant. And we never know, this season's winner might end up being one of the young talented acts we've seen so far. 

'America's Got Talent' season 14 returns on Tuesday night only on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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