'America's Got Talent' season 14 final: Fans unhappy V. Unbeatable came fourth after Detroit Youth Choir takes the second spot

'America's Got Talent' season 14 final: Fans unhappy V. Unbeatable came fourth after Detroit Youth Choir takes the second spot

'America's Got Talent' season 14 crowned its winner on Wednesday night with 22-year-old blind and autistic pianist and singer Kodi Lee coming out victorious after he received the most votes from America. 

While fans and viewers are happy that Kodi Lee won the season, there was one surprise that no one expected to happen, and to be honest it wasn't a good one. The epic dance acrobatic dance crew V.Unbeatable came in fourth during the finale. When Terry Crews announced the results and that the Indian dance crew came in fourth, it left everyone in a state of shock. Not just the audience by the judges were also surprised by this outcome. 

V. Unbeatable has always been a frontrunner throughout the competition ever since they auditioned. They even won Dwayne Wade's Golden Buzzer during the Judge Cuts. Doing sky-high flips and jumping from great heights, they blew the roof off with every performance of theirs. There was not a performance where the judges and audience weren't at the edge of their seats. 



This result came as shock to everyone because looking at their impeccable talent, V. Unbeatable was assumed to at least come in second place if not win the competition. After the results were revealed, one of the team members shared what being on AGT meant to the group. "It was a dream for us. We will work hard for our dreams and fight for our dreams one day." 

Julianne Hough who debuted her new song along with the group onstage during the finale night was shocked the most and she said, "Well, first and foremost I want to say, it's shocking. But at the same time, the impact you guys have made on this stage every single week has been above and beyond. I know you guys are going to have an incredible career ahead and I will be the first person at that show. You guys have honestly created not just a community in America, but globally you have united us." 


After the results were announced, in no time, fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment with the results. Some even claim that it was rigged. 

"That wasn't even a robbery... that's was straight cold masscare," wrote a fan on Twitter. Adding to that another fan said, "I'm starting to think this is rigged..... Sorry DYC, you're not that great." 

Fans are disappointed that V Unbeatable came in fourth. (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

"4th place?? They should've been at least 2nd place! That pretty much seals the deal for Kodi Lee. They were the only ones who I thought had a chance to beat him," wrote a fan. While another added, "I definitely thought it would be Kodi then v unbeatable or light balance kids at the beginning of the show but then I thought for sure they would get second place but wow this is so wrong! Guess people can’t see true talent even if it hits them in the face!" 


Some fans also stated that V.Unbeatable were better than Detroit Youth Choir who came in second. "No they got it all wrong Detroit over this? Common! Even ndlovu is miles agead of Detroit... Guese when u have the whole city of Detroit voting for u anything is ppssible," wrote a fan on Twitter. 

Though V.Unbeatable didn't make it all the way and came in fourth, as Hough said they have a bright future ahead of them, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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