'America's Got Talent' season 14 shares sneak peeks of acts to air on Tuesday and fans are spellbound

'America's Got Talent' season 14 shares sneak peeks of acts to air on Tuesday and fans are spellbound

'America's Got Talent' season 14 keeps serving us with unbelievable talent, and Tuesday's final audition round is not going to be any less exciting than the previous episodes. 

Last week due to July 4 and its festivities the series did not run its regular episode but a rerun of the best auditions from the season. Back again this week for the final round of auditions, we will get to see who Julianne Hough pushes her Golden Buzzer for. 

Prior to the series airing on Tuesday night, 'America's Got Talent' released a sneak peek of two performances that is sure to leave you spellbound. The first of the sneak peeks the series released was of 65-year-old Vietnam War veteran Robert Finley who started to go blind around four years ago due to glaucoma. 

In a preview, he says, "The bad things sometimes bring out the best in you. I began to play music again. It made me reach inside to find myself.” He also revealed that he is sure that Simon Cowell is just going to love him because this is his dream. Adding to that Finely disclosed that music has always been his passion. "So I say I had to lose my physical sight so that I could see my true destiny," Finley continued. 




Performing an original song titled “Get It While You Can,” it was an emotional yet energetic performance that had Hough and Gabrielle Union on their feet dancing. After he was done with his performance, all the four judges gave Finley a standing ovation. “You might not be able to see us, but I hope you can feel us. We can tell there’s so much passion and this is a dream," Howie Mandel said. Adding to that Union said, "With your talent, you deserve it, Mr. Robert, when you said ‘wrap it up in bacon,’ you had me at hello.”

Finally, Cowell chimed in with his comments telling Finely that he liked him even before he could perform.  "You’ve got this great soul about you. The finest wines are the ones that stay in storage for a few years and then they become beautiful, and that’s how I feel about your voice. You don’t have that voice at 17-20 years old, right? When you connect with a song with a particular lyric, this could go through the roof for you," Cowell adds. 


The second act that the series released a sneak peek of is 33-year-old hoop aerialist Matthew Richardson. From the time Richardson walked onto the stage with silver paint all over his body, he had the judges and viewers' eyes on him.



Using a floating hoop high above the stage, Richardson performed his stunts with grace and power. Though the series has seen a number of hoop performances over the years, the judges revealed that they haven't seen someone do it with so much agility and athleticism, at the same time while having grace. 

Hough was on her feet even before Richardson could finish his performance, and he got a standing ovation from all four judges, which eventually led to four yeses. 


After taking a look at both the performances, fans on social media shared their love for both the acts and congratulated the contestants for their performances. 

"What a great audition. The athleticism was incredible," a fan wrote about Richardson's audition. While another fan said, "Can’t wait to see more of @circusspinner WOW!"

Talking about Finely's performance, a fan on Twitter wrote, "Wrap it up in bacon EPIC line. This man is so soulful. He’s amazing. His story. Wow. He is an amazing talent. I hope he goes far in the competition." 

"What a voice and what a story!! Someone should sign NOW!!!! He could win AGT!!! You go Robert!" said another fan. 

We do know that Richardson got four yeses, to see if Finley gets the same or if he gets a Golden Buzzer, we will have to wait till Tuesday night to see what happens. 

"America's Got Talent' season 14 airs every Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 


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