'America's Got Talent' Quarterfinal Results: Brandon Leake, Broken Roots and 3 others advance to semifinals

With the quarterfinals now complete, we're now all set to witness the semifinals next week and then the AGT grand finale in three weeks' time

                            'America's Got Talent' Quarterfinal Results: Brandon Leake, Broken Roots and 3 others advance to semifinals
Brandon Leake (NBC)

'America's Got Talent' has just completed its results show with the final semifinal slots now revealed for the first time to the watching American public. The 11 contestants who were all vying for the remaining five slots had all performed creditably on Tuesday, September 1 night, even though a few acts came in for some harsh criticism for not upping their game from Howie Mandel. In fact, Howie was being so critical that the audience started booing him at one point and his fellow judge Heidi Klum said that he was "acting off" that day. Thankfully, Howie returned to his usual chirpy self by the end of yesterday's show and encouraged everyone to keep those votes coming in. As the host Terry Crews noted, the viewers had been given the opportunity to vote up to 10 times for their favorite performers, so the hopes and dreams of the contestants were literally resting in the hands of the AGT fans. 

The pool of 11 that was facing elimination this time around included the insult comic Alex Hooper, the hand-balancing act known as the Bello Sisters, the spoken word artist Brandon Leake, musical duo Broken Roots, the cheerleader squad CA Wildcats, three singing acts that included Celina, Kenadi Dodds and Resound, another musical act called the Divas & Drummers of Compton, the robotic dancer Noah Epps and the puppet troupe called the Lightwave Theatre Company.  



The first act to go through was the singer Kenadi Dodds, who sailed through at the expense of the young dancer Noah Epps. A happy Heidi said that she a certain sparkle to her and was glad Kenadi had listened to her gut instinct by performing an original song, even if Howie didn't approve of it. The next act to go through was the brilliant musical duo Broken Roots, which meant two more talented acts like the comedian Alex Hooper and the Lightwave Theatre Company were eliminated. The singing guitarist pair had previously been given a second chance on the competition and they took it with both hands by turning in a spirited performance on Tuesday night. As the emotional artists thanked the viewers for their votes, Sofia, who had previously called them "All-American men," reminded them to never give up in their quest for success. 


The next act to go through had arguably been the best act of Tuesday night, as the inspirational spoken word poet Brandon Leake was revealed to be the next contestant in the semifinals. As he went through, the CA Wildcats and the Divas & Drummers of Compton fell by the wayside. The grateful performer thanked everyone who had voted for him and promised he had even better things in store. Howie, who had initially deemed Leake worthy of a golden buzzer, said that he had never been so moved by any other act and that they definitely needed Brandon in the semifinals because he mattered.


This brought us to the three contestants who had previously placed fourth, fifth, and sixth in the nationwide vote. At the start of the show, it was revealed that the watching public would be voting to save one act out of three - namely, the singer Celina, the Bello Sisters or the singing trio Resound. By the end of the September 2 show, it was revealed that Celina had triumphed in the live voting segment. The happy singer said she felt truly blessed, and that she couldn't wait to perform in the semifinals.  



This meant it all boiled down to the judges' decision now, to decide between Resound and the Bello Sisters. While Heidi had opted for the supremely talented Resound trio, both Sofia and Howie picked the flexible Bello trio to go through to the semifinals. So there you have it, the final five spots in the semifinals go to Kenadi Dodds, Broken Roots, Brandon Leake, Celina, and the Bello Sisters! We'll see you next week for the semifinals of America's Got Talent next Tuesday night at 8 pm ET on the NBC network.

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