'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Kelly Clarkson's debut as replacement judge draws mixed response

While some were enjoying Clarkson's sense of humor, others were 'sick of seeing her everywhere'

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Kelly Clarkson's debut as replacement judge draws mixed response
Kelly Clarkson (Getty Images)

Kelly Clarkson made her debut as a judge on 'America's Got Talent' in the first live show, giving her the opportunity to watch its 11 finalists and help decide who gets to move forward to the top five. And while she may be replacing fan-favorite Simon Cowell as he recovers from his back injury, anticipations were high since Clarkson has already proven she can handle the role quite well on 'The Voice'. But her first night wasn't loved by all viewers.

For some, it was strange enough seeing Clarkson, the 2002 Season 1 winner of 'American Idol', replacing the man that judged her. "Could 2020 BE any more surreal?! #AGT The one and only Kelly, replacing Simon," tweeted one user. Others loved Clarkson right off the bat, quoting her opening statement, "'I've waited for this,' and adding, "...please make Kelly Clarkson a regular."



But for some, Clarkson's first words just weren't cutting it. "I already miss Simon... #AGT," shared one viewer.


Some were quite happy to have Clarkson up on that panel. "@kellyclarkson is a lot easier on the eyes than @SimonCowell and she looks good in that chair," stated one fan. Others had some advice for the judge, regarding both her fashion, "I wonder where Kelly got her outfit, it looks like drapes," as well as the handling of her mic, "@kellyclarkson you have to speak into the mic, stop turning in the chair."




Many were, naturally, far more concerned about Cowell's well being. "Simon got in an accident? I pray he's safe," tweeted one fan, "@SimonCowell miss u," said another, and one viewer stated, "Get well soon @SimonCowell."




Some viewers were quite happy to give Cowell the few weeks he needs to recover. "I love that @kellyclarkson is airing on tonight for Simon. Hope he feels better. But love kelly," shared one fan. Others were already enjoying Clarkson's brand of humor, which included her doing an impression of Cowell. "Kelly killed that impersonation of Simon," said one fan.



But amidst the well-wishes, some couldn't help but share their disdain for Clarkson as the replacement judge. "Nothing personal but Iโ€™m sick of seeing Kelly Clarkson everywhere!" shared one evidently unhappy viewer, while another tweet read, "Kelly Clarkson May as well be the female Ryan Seacrest with everything that she's doing." Another viewer stated, "I've said this before but I can't stand Kelly Clarkson."




For some, Clarkson was a fine replacement, but it was her impression of Cowell that was a deal-breaker. "It's a Yes to Kelly #AGT It's a NO on any potential Dick Van Dyke impression."


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